Thursday, April 17, 2008

New news!

We have finished our dossier and mailed it to AAI!!!

For those of you that don't know what that's our LIFE in paper, that goes to Ethiopia to prove that we are worthy parents.  I totally understand the need to screen parents, it's just a ton of papers and running to do. 

I think it's probably a small tree worth of paper(maybe a ficus), but I think it was easier to do this time around.  We had one new form, but that was fairly easy as well.  D has been in town and been able to help me run around so that's been a huge blessing!

Today we got our appointment for fingerprinting with the FBI ...AND the DVD with our tiny guy on it.   He's bitty!  I so want to see him and get a smile on his face.
So now the dossier goes to AAI to approve, then to Addis to approve.  
The fingerprints go to FBI clearances and then that goes to Ethiopia.  
In the mean time we get paperwork to make sure we are committed to our little man.

Then we wait for a court date in Ethiopia so they can say yes to us.  Then we wait to travel. Best case scenario we will travel in August.  Worst it will be sometime in the fall.  I am not sure I can wait until the fall.  But God knows what he is doing so I will trust in him.

It's been a good day...



Andrea said...

I think you have done a wonderful job and I appreciate everything you do and are going to do in the future for us and our family. I LOVE YOU :)

SupermomE11 said...

Yay!!! I am so glad you got the new DVD. We love that little guy and are SO happy he is going to be with your wonderful family!!!