Friday, April 18, 2008

The orphan...

Do you ever just get overwhelmed with the pain of life? 
My blog is called "Better than Good"  I called it that because of a book I read by Zig Ziglar... I truly feel my life is better than good.  God has been amazing to our family and to me in particular. His grace has been something that has me in awe daily.  Yet sometimes that feeling of blessing is mingled with a feeling of sadness.

There are days when I think about the children that are living as orphans either in and orphanage or on the streets.  The thought that there is a child that has to go to sleep without a mommy or daddy there to read a book, say prayers and kiss them good night.  And repeat 5 times "I love you, sleepy good, see you in the morning" before they can close the door.

I read about the children that had to watch their parents get sick, children as young as age 4 yrs that become caregivers.  I cannot fathom the pain God must feel at seeing this depth of despair in his children.  I have looked into the eyes of children on the street asking for help.  I have seen mother's with nothing but the clothes and the baby on their backs, desperate for something to change... or eyes vacant because they have given up hope. 

We are here on this earth to make a difference.  But how?  Not everyone is called to adopt... but we are ALL as Christians called to help the widows and the lonely and the naked and the poor and the orphaned.  What can we do?  What can I do?

There are days that I feel so overwhelmed with the enormity of it all.  Then I remember I don't have to do it alone.  We are a body all parts with a purpose.  We can all do one thing.  

The other night I went to a board at my church that leads the mission commission.  I spoke about a place that has found a way into my heart without having ever seen it.  I asked for their help...and I realized as I asked that I SO wanted them to hear me, to hear my plea to know that this was bigger than we are... it's not about what I want or need, but doing what we can to be like Christ... to show up and step out and change lives.    I believe we will make a difference together.

May God grant us all a heart that loves like every person we meet is a child of the most high God.


BlessedMamato5 said...

Amen my friend! You took the words right out of my mouth on this one! Every day of my life, I look around and I wonder how I could be so blessed to be living the life that I do. And I wonder what I can do to make a difference - to help someone else who doesnt have what I have. I believe that God gave us what we have, so that we can in return give back to others in His name and for His sake - to be the hands and feet of Jesus on this earth. You are making a difference - I see Christ shining through your life in amazing ways!

richlisad said...

Great post. The farther you walk down this path the more you will feel disgusted with the apathy of life in the US and how little we really do with so much.

Bless you guys.