Monday, April 14, 2008


So why does one adopt?
I think there are so many reasons... ours was lead by God.
We attended a Steven Curtis Chapman concert in 2004, we watched his adoption program and were just completely blown away.  What a witness.
On the way home from that concert our oldest says to us "We should adopt".  D and I looked at each other and and said...yeah... we should. So there the story begins.

We prayed and discussed, and I researched, (cause that's what I do) and decided to move forward.  
We really had to have some real conversations because, shucks, we had teenagers ... they are self sufficient...they sleep all night, they do not need diaper changes and we no longer pay for child care. Do we REALLY want more?  
As it turns out God just kept nudging and prodding, and opening closed doors and windows in some cases.

We were led to Ethiopia.  That too was a leap of faith.  We wanted to make sure that we were making a plan that would be the best for us all.  Would we be able to raise a child to appreciate his heritage, to live in what would essentially be 2 worlds.  We knew we could love this child, the color for us wasn't an issue, but would it someday be for this new child.  Again we went to God.  We truly felt these doors were opening, the steps were leading us to Ethiopia, and to our son.

We sent out dossier in to CHSFS on Sept 13, 2006 and got our referral on Sept 18, 2006.  What a day!  We were so blown away by this whole process.  I don't think we even really considered whether we would decline, not that there was any reason to, but we just "knew".  I can't say I fell in love with his picture immediately, I had no idea who this little person was... but I sure wanted to know him.

I have to go get some things done. 
I will try to finish more later if you are interested.


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