Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So, this week has been kinda strange at daycare... actually the last couple of weeks have been. We have been phone calls about N for weird things.  Lately he has decided that he doesn't like to take naps.  Well, he's almost 4yrs old and just... done with them.  Well, that's an awful long time for a guy with his imagination to have to lay still. 
We have tried to have several conversations with the directors of the daycare regarding this issue.   I think we have finally made headway.  It's been a bit frustrating though.
Yesterday I get a call that N has done something and he wouldn't tell them why.  Ok so what 3 yr old is going to tell you why they did something?  I know my N won't.  I said just tell him you both know what he did, and if he wants to tell you why that's great, but if not then you explain it's unacceptable.   How hard is that?!
As it turns out a kid he wanted to have play with him was on the other side of the room, N was mad that he wouldn't come play with him, so he did what any mad 3 yr old would... he went over and bopped the kid.  
ok, nope not acceptable behavior... but I get it.  I have often considered bopping people that make me mad as well, however at my much more mature age I refrain and pray instead.  We will work on that with N.
We are considering moving him to a Montessori school that is much closer to walking distance and then when he starts Kindergarten it will still only be across the street. And then Little E will not be far either.  

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