Monday, April 28, 2008

Amazing weekend

What a weekend.  Do you ever just get overwhelmed with the blessings of God that you just don't know what to do with your self?
I am such a sap though, so the things that make me overwhelmed are probably just boring old day to day for others.
Saturday we had glorious weather.  It was sunny and breezy and in the high 70's.  We got some dirt and some plants for our garden and got to plantin'.  Z, drove D and I to the local garden store in his truck.  It's still a little surreal to be riding in a vehicle while my son drives.   Then Z and N helped me clean out all the mess from last year.  N, my little guy that loves to play in dirt and comes homes with at least 10 rocks from the playground daily, got upset because I got dirt on his hand.  Who knew?

It was just a beautiful day to spend with my family enjoying the beauty of God's creation.

D and I had our parents over for a cook out and we were able to eat on the deck.  It's too early for many bugs, so again... perfect weather and fun.

I will tell you that I have a crazy love for music.  I can't play any instruments, not enough coordination, but music is such a time of worship for me.  We had a guest pianist who played a hymn and to be honest I couldn't remember the name of it, but the man didn't use any sheet music and just played as if he were the only one in the room.  What an amazing gift.  
The sermon was perfect and then Sunday school was an answered prayer.  

I felt like I was living in some weird surreal life... only so much better.

THEN!  We went bowling with our sunday school class... I bowled a 125!!!  ok so I know that's not all that great, but for a chick that normally needs bumpers I was so stoked.  Who knew I could get the silly ball to go where I wanted it to?!  yeah!  And N loved bowling.  He's such a boy when it comes to sports.  He would carry that heavy ball to the end of the lane and just chuck it.  I wish I could have recorded it.  So funny.  And he even beat S on the first game!  She wasn't totally thrilled with that one.  ;o)

These are the times when I DO feel that life is better than good.  When I am reminded of the blessings that God gives us... friends, family, sunshine, warm weather, and a church home that feels like home.  The only thing missing was out little E... I so pictured him in the garden with us, helping to hold the bag while mommy shovels leaves, pushing the 2 little ones on the swing set, or showing them how to plant tomatoes and squash.  And trying to explain that these little green things would produce food. ;o)  

Life IS better than Good.  I love when God reminds me!

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