Friday, April 18, 2008

Meeting N...

In a previous post I was talking about seeing N's picture for the first time.  And today I was reading a forum I belong to that was reminiscing about the day we "heard" the news!!

I remember most of it so vividly... one of the big things I remember is not being by my phone when it rang, and then not being able to reach Lindsay until either the next day or later actually ... I remember turning to my forum friends for help, them all rallying around me.  It's such an amazing thing to belong to a group of people that are so completely different but have such a strong bond.  Many of them would cringe opening...and probably flame me, but I truly feel it's like that in our body of Christ.  We can be so completely different, yet have a bond so strong.

But I digress. 

We received our referral mid September, but then had to wait to travel until December.  What a wait!  It was all so very surreal.  We had waited SO long to receive this referral and yet, here it was and I didn't know what to do with the knowledge that this was my son.  It "felt" right, yet, how do you fall in love with someone you don't know?  Who was this scared little face? What made him happy, or sad...what made him giggle or mad,  what did his voice sound like?  So the day came and we were in Addis.  And he was SO cute!  And had dimples!!!  PLUS!  But .... didn't want to have anything to do with us.  Sheesh... what a day.  And then there were the other kids that you just wanted to smooch all over as well.  And all but yours wanted your attention.  

I now believe that it had to do with the fact that he knew that we were there to change his life... he probably didn't know how but he knew it, and didn't want any parts of it.  

On our 3rd visit with him, I think he decided that we were going to be ok, and that he might like us, and we always brought treats, so maybe we weren't half bad.

It was beginning to look like things might be ok......

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