Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Chicago Pics

What a weekend!
We were so busy talking we didn't take many pictures. :)

Carolyn and I shared this YUMMY pumpkin cheesecake on Friday night.
The fabulous Hot 40+ Moms On A Mission to UnOrphan The World (Audrey made that up... I borrowed it)
My roomy, Audrey. Amazing woman! We really stayed up too late talking and sharing... thanks for being such an amazing roomy and new friend!!!
And THIS, is Dasha. A itty bitty tiny ball of spit fire and beauty!!! Her momma Traci is the one on the far right in the pic of us all up above. She just came home from the Ukraine. How stinkin cute is she??!! Couldn't you just eat her up!

I wish I had more pics... I will do better next time. It was fabulous!! Can't wait to do it again!!!

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Andrea Hill said...

Oh my!!! This is way too cool. I can begin to imagine what a wonderful weekend that was.