Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Weekend in Chicago

What a grand time!!!

And we didn't even make it into the windy city itself, but the time was awesome.

I have pics, still on my camera so those will have to wait. :)

I flew through Tampa on my way back up to Chicago... how weird is that. But the cool part is that as I was waiting for the flight a friend of ours came up to me and said he and his son were on the same flight. So we sat together and caught up. What are the odds??!! :)

I arrived in time to meet up with Audrey, we got our rental and braved the streets of Chicago. Not too bad, but there's some crazy driving that happens there... I almost felt like I was back in Ethiopia...lol

We made it to our hotel and met up with Carolyn and Traci. So great to finally be able to hug Carolyn and meet her face to face. Just as cute and awesome in person as she looks. ;)

We headed out to dinner and had a wonderful time eating good food, drinking yummy wine, and sharing our passion for the orphan, specifically those with hiv, and special needs. The cool thing is that Traci and Audrey have both adopted from Ukraine, and their perspective was really cool to see. We sat there, 4 mothers of hiv+ kids and shared our hearts together. It was truly amazing.

Saturday we headed out to the University of Chicago Hospital for the hiv+ seminar. It's for parents that are thinking of adopting an hiv+ child or children and would like more information. They have partnered with Project HOPEFUL to put together a great informational program.

There were PID docs, and an RN plus several of us adoptive parents that have btdt. We all shared our time and information. There were about 30 people there. That's so awesome!!

It's a great model. One cool thing is that the head of PID in Chicago knows our PID guys and said he would love to speak to them and help me get that program here in VA. We will be setting something like it up here in the coming months. Which is totally exciting. We are also talking about taking it to Duke and possibly the DC area to share there as well. He's got great contacts in both places. SO SO exciting!!

We are working on getting a blog together for the regional directors, and all the other fun things that go along with growing this ministry/program.

Audrey and I stayed up too late talkng both nights. It's just so grand having someone around with the same passions and love for adoption and hiv+ kids.

Sunday we went to church with the whole Twietmeyer clan... what a gift! We then ate lunch at a sports bar during a Chicago Bears game...lol It was hard to get business done with all the shouting and fun around us, but coming from a city that doesn't have a 'team' it was great fun to watch and be a part of...even if I am not a fan...lol shhhh

Then it was time to head home. :( It was sad to leave my new amazing friends, but I know we will be seeing each other again soon and God has some amazing exciting things planned!!!

On the smoulder front... it's a no go. You probably guessed that it was adoption related. D was actually praying about and open to a situation that I brought before him.... even S was! But it's not meant to be. I am so sad...I am not sure which I am more sad about...the fact that we can't follow through, or the why. Both suck monkey toes!!! But God has a plan for us all and I am working on trusting Him with all my heart. The interesting thing is that I think this situation may have opened the hearts of both D and S to be willing to move forward. So please pray that the right situation comes forth and God ordains it as His will and not ours.

Working feverishly on the Yard Sale for our mission team this weekend... please pray God's favor over it. :)

Have a wonderful and blessed Tuesday!


LisaShaw said...

Definitely praying for the situation GOD has for you all dear one.

I'm so thankful to hear that all went well. I've been checking back for an update before I go out of town.

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I pray the Yard Sale is very successful.

Can't wait to see photos!

Hugs and love!

James 1:27 Family said...

Sounds like a great time in Chicago. I wish I could have been there. Maybe next time...
Lots of love to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

So amazing to see God working - I am in awe!! Wait...did you call me a crazy driver??? <3

Cindy said...

Sounds like a great time! So glad it went well for you! And yes, I agree on the driving in Chicago...reminds us a bit of Ethiopia too! :)
Love you dear friend and am excited about everything God is doing in you and through you. You have a beautiful heart.