Thursday, September 9, 2010


Blue Shirt or Red one?

Chocolate Ice cream or Vanilla?

SUV or Sports car?

Parent or not to parent?

Special needs or 'healthy'?

Why to we choose what we choose?

Are we wrong if we choose one way or another?

If a woman chooses not to be a mother is she wrong? If a parent chooses not to adopt a child are they wrong? If parent's choose to only accept the referral of a healthy baby are they somehow wrong? What if a parent chooses to adopt a child with severe special needs, are they some how crazy?

What is right for me isn't right for you. What I choose doesn't have to be what you choose. And what you would choose or wouldn't, doesn't have to be my choice.

We chose to have bio children many years ago. Adoption wasn't on the radar. I am not a person that can say that I have always wanted to adopt. I didn't. I didn't even really ever think about it.

Then God came along and changed those plans. (THANK YOU GOD!)

In the beginning we chose a toddler, but wanted healthy. We were scared to take on any more than that. Again, God chose to change our hearts.

He led us to adopt a child with hiv. (THANK YOU GOD) With this adoption have come MANY new and wonderful opened doors, relationships and even a couple of hard days.

With education and exposure to so many other opportunities I see that we could and can be open to so many more options than we originally thought possible.

Would we have chosen some of the paths we have walked? No. Not necessarily. Would I change them? NO! A resounding NO.

Are any of my children perfect? Nope... am I... um NOPE!

I choose God. I choose His plan. I choose His way. If it meant a healthy infant, or one with no 'chance at normal life' or a 14 yr old or another toddler's His choice. He loves each child equally. He loves each of us equally.

ETA: I would like to state for the record that I TOTALLY don't think deciding on parenting issues is even remotely as easy as choosing an ice cream flavor! :)


Our journey following Christ said...

Wise, my friend.

It is obedience that will say, "I choose His way, no matter what that is."

You are a woman of faith.


Andrea Hill said...

Its pretty amazing when we let God lead of what he gives us, isn't it?