Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Come?

I have a picture of a baby that I pray for next to my mirror in my bathroom. She passed away not too long ago.

This morning N looked at the picture and this is the conversation it sparked:
N: Mommy how come that baby doesn’t have a family?

Me: She did have a mommy that loved her very much but was sick and couldn’t care for her, so she gave her to the people at the orphanage that she knew would take care of her and love her. The baby is with Jesus now.

N: How come she they didn’t take her to the Dr?

Me: They did, but they didn’t have the right medicine to save her, so Jesus decided that He needed her to come to heaven.

E: That’s sad. :(

N: How come they don’t have medicine over there? How come the Dr’s couldn’t save her? How come they didn’t have medicine to keep E from getting sick?

Me: Because medicines can be very expensive, and not everyone can get them. This is part of the reason why mommy went to Chicago last weekend. I went to talk to people about how we can help baby’s get medicine, and also help them get families like you and E. Because you are both so very special, and there are families that just don’t know yet how amazing it is to have kids like you in their lives. We are going to tell them.

N: Ok!
E: *hugs my neck*

How come?

How come we adopted?
How come we pray for these kids?
How come we chose to open our lives to this world?
How come we love a child with hiv?
How come there are babies still dying?
How come there are older children still waiting… and aging out of the orphanage system and still have no family?
How come there are countries that ‘age out’ kids from orphanages to scary places at the age of 5?
How come there are still places where babies are made to live their entire lives in cribs never to see the light of day of feel the loving touch of a mother?

How come?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that we have a responsibility to do something about it. You may not be called to adopt. That’s fine…not everyone is!!!
Adoption isn’t always the best option.
You could help sponsor a child to go to school and get food and medicine.
You could help a family raise funds that does want to open their homes and hearts to a family.

You could attend the Mid Atlantic Orphan Summit to find out how you can help or how you can get your church to step up with you.

You can buy a beautiful necklace from Project HOPEFUL that is made by Ugandan women out of magazine papers. The money goes to 147 Million, Project HOPEFUL(site is under construction), and Amazima.

You could sponsor a child to go to school.

You could donate money to help a family adopt a child. These kids are living on borrowed time. They need your help.

You could go to this Blog… and save the last bit of life this sweet baby has left.

You can PRAY.


Andrea said...


Adeye said...

You are so right, my friend, we can ALL do something. There is so much to be done. It can honestly be quite overwhelming at times.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Cindy said...

This is what we are all working towards...the same goal, of helping the children. And there are SO many ways to do it. There is no reason NOT to do something. Let's keep "Pressing on towards the goal".
Love ya.

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Anonymous said...

Such good, but hard questions. In my home country Christians don't adopt, there are about 80 international adoptions expected this year, in a country of 66 million (can you imagine?) orphans are not even talked about in Churches, in fact I would go as far to say that neither myself or my Christian friends have ever heard the word orphan mentioned in Church there.

Working in "it" I so get that not everyone should adopt but I come back to the fact if 7% of people who call themselves Chrisitans adopted there wouldn't be orphans (and I know, in reality with most countries not allowing adoption it isn't quite that simple, but I think it shows what could be done!)

I love your heart and I've missed your blog!!!