Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So, if you have ever lived on the East Coast you would know what it means to 'get prepared' for a hurricane.

Crazy stuff Around here people get crazy. They start heading to BJ's, Costco and Walmart to stock up on supplies. They buy water and canned goods, batteries and blankets.

This all when the silly storm is still churning off the coast of Africa and not even projected to come our way.

Then, it gets closer. Closer. We have are shown hourly what the projected path 'might' be. Seriously no offense if any of you are weather forecasters...but oh to have a job where everything is subject to change...and does.

We just remembered the 5th anniversary of Katrina this past weekend in New Orleans. They are STILL trying to dig out. What happened there, could happen here, except the whole levy thing. We get the 'scare' every time...and then nothing happens.

So, Earl, may be visiting.
He may come Thursday night.
We may get flooding.
We may get high winds.
We are currently under a state of emergency.

Who knows?
God. :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAYING!!! We live on the Rita side of LA....all the Katrina evacuees came here and within a month Rita happened. Thank the Lord we did not have levee issues. We also learned from Katrina- when it hits- GET OUT!!! Thank the Lord our gas tanks were full and we had packed and got out. Because we were without electricity for 2 1/2 weeks on the hottest days on record, and there was NO food available, no water, and no gas for anything. YIKES!!!

Andrea said...

Yeah, scary stuff! On so many levels. It's hard to know when and how crazy to get. Unfortunately the people that lived through Katrina learned the hard so hard! :(

Tarah said...

I live in a dessert where our biggest worries are fires. I cannot imagine living through hurricanes and such.Praying for your family!

Christie said...

There are a few perks to living in the middle of North Carolina!! I don't even think we have a threat of rain from Earl!

Will be praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm praying!!! I can't imagine!!!

Thanks for your prayers today, the interview was AWFUL!!!