Sunday, September 5, 2010

Perfect End of Summer day!

It's been the most beautiful weekend! The weather has been cool enough to have the windows open and the house fan on. It's sunny and gorgeous. Praising God that Earl chose to step away from the coast so no one got hurt. :)

We took the boys to the beach on Saturday. It was the perfect day and we all had fun.

Nothin' like peanut butter and jelly next to the ocean.

Some random guy surfing...the waves were really pretty cool.

My little sun God. :)
Puffy Cha Ching Cherry Pink Toes....
Trying to dig a hole, the water kept rushin up....
Then this little guy decided that he wanted in on the action. Oh my goodness he was THE cutest little dude. He would get D to put water in his bucket and then he would just dump it. He had D eating from his hand. :) D then turns to me and says "Makes you want another one doesn't it?" I just gave him my "DUH" look....seriously... did he have to ask me Perhaps the bush is beginning to smoulder?
It was truly a yummy day... beautiful weather, beautiful family, amazing God... what more could you want...except perhaps another little one...:)


Unknown said...

"The bush is beginning to smoulder!" Hahaha! You are too funny!

I know that feeling all too well...ah, Lord, a little one running around here ANY day would be GREAT!! :)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

FUN!!!! Love the pics...and glad Earl didn't show up either and ruin a perfectly wonderful time!!!!

Andrea Hill said...

Those pics are beautiful. Thank God Earl didn't hit your town.