Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home again Home again

So we are home!!!
Sorry I haven't had time to post but it's been he&* of a week.
We had a whirlwind trip, very emotional and very difficult week, and it's not gotten a ton better.
We have seen God's hand in so much of what we have experienced though so we know that He is working and taking care of everything even though we have moments of despair.

The Friday before we left we were given medical information that was kinda scary and could have meant we couldn't bring Little E home.  We ran around, prayed hard, got some stuff together, and decided that we were traveling anyway.

So Sunday we left.  Arrived Monday mid morning and Little was dropped off at our guest house about 3 hours later.  We jumped into new parenting with both feet.

Monday night was suprisingly uneventful and easy.

Tuesday we had to go to the embassy for our blood work.  Then we were dealt another blow... more medical information, potentially devastating that had not been disclosed to our agency until that day.  We struggled so much that day.  We honestly just kind of wept the whole day thinking about all the information, the implications and our kids at home.  Such an emotional day.  I will be honest in saying we had moments of thinking this was so much more that we could handle.  We asked God what in the world he was thinking and told him we weren't strong enough for this.

I then emailed some dear friends and asked for prayer and was reminded that many times medical info given isn't 100% accurate and that possibly some of it is incorrect.

So we prayed, cried, and tried to love on this sweet little boy that didn't deserve the hand he was dealt.  

Wednesday we had our embassy appointment and then decided due to our emotional state that we would move to a hotel with other families.  We had started in a lovely comfortable well run guest house, but we were the only ones there and there wasn't much in walking distance and we needed to get out some.  We had also decided at this point that while we hadn't been prepared for the hand dealt us, we weren't willing to back out now.  If we left this little man that was our son behind, he would surely die there, and that wasn't something we were even remotely willing to see happen.  So while we had...have... no idea how we will make this work, we know God does.

The hotel was very comfortable, even with the crazy hard mattresses.  

Thursday we spent most of the day at the orphanage and played with the kids.  That was great fun, the kids at Layla house are so great, they speak amazing english, and had a blast taking care of Little E.

Friday we went for a walk back to Little E's place and played with the kids and spoke to his nurses.  

We then got word that a miracle had occured.  Our Visa was DONE!  in a day and a half!!!! Praises to Project HOPEFUL and EACH  who moved mountains and got this done.  Little E and I went to Layla house to hang out while D went to the Hilton to see how soon we could get home.  We were told we could leave Saturday night on business class for an extra 3300.00  I will be honest that were seriously considering it.  But then as we were discussing where we might find this money the rep said to my husband that he had 3 seats left on the flight out that night!!!!!!!  Do you see God's hand here?

We arrived home on Saturday morning, drove the 4 hours home, hugged our kids took a shower and left for the local Children's Hospital.  This is where our little guy is currently.  He is in isolation, and we are still waiting on so many tests to come back.  Many should be done tomorrow, Wednesday... although NOTHING has been done quickly in this hospital process.  SO frustrating!!!

In all of this our sweet little guy tries so hard to remain in a good mood, he's sweet and so smart!  He's still learning to trust us, and this process while very hard I think is helping to jump start the bonding process.  We are the only ones to devote constant care to him and the only ones not poking, prodding or otherwise hurting him.

Tomorrow he has a small surgery and we hope to have him home by this coming Saturday.  I am not sure if he can handle too much more of that.  He's so sad in that little room. He constantly wants to be held by the window to see the Makina's and look at the trees.

So.... there you have it the last week or so.

I will try to post pics soon.  I am exhausted.


Cindy said...

I am so glad that you are home. I hope that your little one is able to leave the hospital very soon. I will be thinking of you all and wishing you well.

Leslie said...

Praise God that you are home! Take hope in knowing that He has known all along what He would put in front of you, and He will never leave you. Praying for you and sweet E.

Mugsey said...

Glad to here you made it home. I've been praying for and thinking about you all week. I'm sorry about your rough week and the tough time little E is having. I hope he is able to come home soon. I wish I had better words of comfort, just know my heart goes out to you. Hugs Michelle

Matthew and Amanda said...

Prayers, all kinds of prayers for your family and your sweet little E. So glad to hear from you.


Mark and Sarah said...

Wow, Andrea. What a journey you've been on the last few weeks. Hoping you feel peace in your gut and that little E is home and feeling better very soon. Looking forward to seeing photos! Hang in there...praying for you.

Andrea said...

I had no clue you guys were back nor that your baby was in the hospital. God truly has handpicked you for this journey. This is just unbelievable. I hope you will get some more results soon. But I am so thrilled all of you are home.

Tarah said...

wow. Andrea, what a huge amount to be on our knees for.
I will deffinately be coming here daily to see where you are all at.