Monday, August 11, 2008

good grief

We leave on Saturday night to drive to DC to catch our flight out on Sunday morning!!!  WOOHOOO
And today I am diagnosed with pneumonia.  WHAT?!  Not to be all completely gross, but I have had some post nasal stuff and a worsening cough... but pneumonia?! I have had no fever and don't feel great ... but it sure doesn't feel like pneumonia. But there it was on the xray. At least we caught it today, I am on antibiotics and cough meds.  But who the heck has time for pneumonia?!!!  The dr said he's not giving me any restrictions and I will be done with my antibiotics before we leave.  Guess it's a light case of pneumonia?  
Nothing is keeping me from my Little E... so pneumonia shomonia... I am going to Ethiopia!


Andrea said...

Oh my, Andrea you better take this serious. My daughter had it so bad she was on 2 different antibiotics and it took her 2 weeks to feel better. Praying for you that the antibiotics kick in and you get to travel this Sunday. Yeah I bet you'll go anyway.

Matthew and Amanda said...

You're a mom on a mission! Can't wait to see you holding your sweet little son!