Friday, August 8, 2008


Last night I watched Larry King Live with the Chapman family.  They were discussing the tragic death of their daughter Maria.
One of their son's accidentally hit her with his vehicle.  They talked about the other 2 little girls witnessing it... what a lot to have to handle in one family.  
But what a faith they have.  It felt like there honest about their pain.  Mary Beth talked about the fact that there were very good days and very bad days.  They asked the "why" questions and they have sought help from professionals to help them cope.  I felt like it was a REALLY well done program.  They said they wanted to talk about it because they wanted to let people know without being showy about it, that they still loved God they still held their faith and they know they will see Maria again.
Even the son who was involved in the accident was present and spoke.  When I first heard of this accident I immediately began to pray for him.  I could just imagine that being my Z and the toll this could take on a young man of this age.  He too was honest in his pain.  

They are obviously all in such pain, but what a picture of what faith in a family can do.  How it should be done... how they rallied around and with each other instead of placing blame and separating.

I think it's so easy to think about the sadness but I also think there is a huge praise to be seen. Not in her death, but in her life.  The fact that she was given the chance at life in a family.  She was shown love and joy and support and taught to love Jesus.  How is that not a gift?  She was taken from obscurity in an orphanage and give hope, and joy and a life. For those brief years she knew what family meant.  There are hundreds of thousands of children that never know that feeling.  

I have a friend who just brought home a daughter that is right now fighting for her life in a hospital.  This child has only been home less than a week, but has been showered in love and care and given hope.  I choose to believe that she will go home to her new home and live a full life and a boundless future.  But just this short time with her new family has shown her that she is worthy, she has a purpose and she is loved so much more than she can imagine by both her family and by her Father in heaven.  Again how is that not a gift.

Nothing in life is permanent, nothing but the love of our God.  It's what we do with it here that makes the difference.  It's how we respond to it.  

I have not had to deal with the tragedy that the Chapman's have, and other than E's scare in May I have never worried about losing a child.  But I pray that my faith would reflect the Glory of my Lord.


Leslie said...

I saw that too--what an amazing demonstration of God being there in the time of deepest need... When you really get to that lowest point, what more is there?

Josh, Amy, Olivia, Josiah said...

I agree! I have been inspired every day by what I saw on Larry King that night! Specifically, I want my family to know that love for God and that love for each other! Thank you for reminding me.