Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We have tickets, YAY!
They are paid for and confirmed and we have guest house reservations.
Several times today I had to almost pinch myself because I am so excited that in less than 2 weeks we will be meeting our son, and he will finally be ours.

We leave on the morning of the 17th and get home September 1.
We have great friends coming to stay at the house the whole time.  How cool is that?! 
We will be gone for my 38th birthday.  What kind of cake do you think I will get?  :o)

It's been such a long haul, so full of ups and downs, and waiting.  But I see the hand of God in so many places.  Thank you God for guiding these steps and giving us the opportunity to become parent's again.

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Cindy said...

Yes - thank you God! Praise the Lord that you are finally going to have your new son in your arms! It HAS been a long time waiting. I am beyond excited for you guys!