Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not much to report

Little E is still in the hospital and we still don't know a whole lot.
We should have some results back tomorrow to verify what we pretty much already know...that he doesn't need to be in isolation.
The knot on his head that has been a concern to us is growing "a garden" of things as the Dr said this morning.  He has staff/mersa as well as some crazy fungi... so they are treating him for both as of today.  Looks like we will be in the hospital for at least a few more days.
We are very thankful that he's where he can get the medicine that he needs but hate that he's not home in the house with us all.
Tonight is D's night to stay at the hospital, and he's just called me to try to calm Little E who's been crying and calling my name for the last 30 mins.   So hard on us all.
Today was so fun with him though.  He's got a great personality. He was playing with some large legos and put 2 of them up to his eyes like binoculars and began singing.
Then he got mad at me about something, I think he wanted a piece of D's gum that was sitting on the windowsill and was yelling this word at me.  His little face was so serious, and funny that it got me tickled so I started laughing, which eventually got him laughing so then we were yelling the word at each other and laughing.  He forgot about the gum. ;o)
This kid is so great!

Thank you all for your prayers and support.
We will be home soon... We hope!!!

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Andrea said...

You have so much patience that God must taught you well. You had a very smilar waiting game before you left, I just hope this time it wont be much longer and you know more.