Friday, November 26, 2010


Happy Friday after Thanksgiving.

Yesterday I had a whole thankful post all written in my head, and then the day happened and I had to stop and re-evaluate.

I am still thankful! More so than when I woke up in the morning yesterday.

It dawned a beautiful chilly morning. D and I got up and dressed for our second annual Turkey Trot. We met with our friends and walked up to the starting line. The race is in our neighborhood so it's very convenient. D runs fast, and I do not, so he ran on ahead and I kept up my much slower pace. I kind of enjoy that, I just put on my ipod and chug on through. :)

Then at about 1/4 mile from the end of the race I came around a corner and there were fire trucks, ambulances and EMT's doing chest compressions on a man on the ground. If you have never seen that done, you don't want to...what a scary vision. Then as I got closer the man on the ground had his feet up and had on D's socks, and black shorts and no hair, and since they were bag breathing for him I couldn't see the face. I froze in panic... stared...and then realized that the shorts were not the same ones D had had on... I was able to move again.

But then it struck me as I watched all the people running along with me that no one had seemed to notice...there was a man dying in front of us and we were just running by. I started praying fervently for this man, his family and loved ones. And then started running full force needing to see my husband to verify that it truly wasn't him on the ground.

I was within feet of the finish line when I saw him trotting towards me. I lost it... I didn't realize how effected I was by the scene earlier until I saw my husband before me healthy and handsome and smiling, then perplexed as to why I was sobbing in the middle of the So oiy

Then as we were walking back to our vehicles I received an email from my dear friend T in Ethiopia. He had heard on his radio that it was Thanksgiving in America and he took the time to write a beautiful email. It contained scripture and a thanksgiving that there were people in America that remembered him and loved him and hadn't forgotten his family and friends in the Leper colony in Addis.

Yesterday became a day of reflection. A day of remembering on a soul level how very blessed and thankful I am for all that I have.

When we went around the table last night saying what we are thankful for, most of the family said they were thankful for family. And I am no different. I am. SO very thankful for mine. But I am so much more thankful for a heavenly father that loves me so very much. For a father that has given me my husband. The man that truly is the best man for me, no matter the amount he can make me nuts, or mad or annoyed. He's the man that loves me for me, he loves the Lord and he loves his children. He gets me.

I am thankful for the Lord that provides. The one that didn't allow the piece of furniture we have been trying to sell for a year, not get sold, until D was ready to move forward with the adoption, then have it sell within a day to provide the money we need to apply for our Home Study update. Can I get a woo hoo?!

I am thankful for the Lord that has given me friends in a country that in the beginning of my Christian walk was the furthest place I wanted to be. Receiving an email from T, who is thankful for so very much...when he lives with so very little.

I am thankful for a Lord that put me in a position with an amazing organization like Project HOPEFUL at such a time that they are about to make some HUMUNGOUS strides for mothers and children with hiv. I am thankful for a Lord that opened my eyes to this issue in the first place and asked me to help Him.

I am thankful to for the Lord that placed friends and family in my life that make me want to be better than I am.

May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.
Numbers 6:24-26 NLT

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