Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Last night at dinner this is the conversation:

E: Momma, when did Indians live?
Me: They live now honey. Daddy is part Indian.
E: (face perplexed and in awe turns to look at D) You part Indian?! WOW you fish really good! (insert rueful expression) I can't even build a bathroom. How you get Indian?
D: My daddy was half indian and his mommy was all indian.
E: ???? So when I grow up me be indian too?!
Me: No buddy, you are all Ethiopian. You grew in your Ethiopian mommy's tummy.
E: Mommy you Indian?
Me: Nope. I am just a bunch of white stuff.
E: Huh?
Me: My family is from Europe.
E: Huh?
Me: Germany, Poland, England, Scotland, Wales... (I SO wish I could capture his face when he gets perplexed, or No I am not Indian or Ethiopian...just plain old me.
E: Ok. :)

The conversation ensued about lineage, and how he's Ethiopian and his Birth parents. N was quiet until he piped up with "I am African American!"

I love this stuff, I love working through who we are and our differences as well as same-ness... :)

More later on thankfulness... It's a long post! :)



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Meliski said...

I love your kids!! Every time you blog about them I fall more and more in love with them! :)Can't wait till we get to pick up our girl and visit the little sweetie we sponsor--along with all the other adorable kiddos-- at AHope!! (insert girlie squeal here)

Andrea said...

Precious post! You are creating beautiful memories!
Blessings, hugs, and prayers,