Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Proud Momma Moment

All those sticky buns and donuts and my boy chooses fruit... so cool! :)

So the elementary schools in this area have something called the citizen of the month. Each month it’s a different citizenship quality, the month of October was Diligence.
My E-man was chosen to be the Citizen of Diligence! :) It’s a pretty big honor because only 1 child per class can be chosen. Per month and there are only 9 months.

The kids get a special breakfast, a ceremony, certificates and a yard sign for parents to put in their yard.

I could not help but burst with pride at the thought of my littlest dude getting this award. He has blossomed over the past couple of months in amazing ways. He’s spelling words, working on phonics, and he can now count to 20! Which is huge because over the summer he got to 11 and was done, now he can count to 20 and actually just continue on.

Times like this I think of the tiny little guy in ET that was so close to death. I think of his family in ET that is missing out on this… and the family already gone home to Jesus that know. I felt like we were all there together this morning beaming at him.

He was so proud and so happy.

I am not sure he knew exactly what it all meant, but he knew he was a getting an award for being something pretty amazing.

Now I realize in the scheme of things this isn’t life changing…but for me it’s another amazing notch in God’s belt. A win for Him and the miracle of E, a huge loss for Mr Ugly.


one thankfulmom said...

It gives me such joy to see your beautiful boy and know he is doing so well. It's a far cry from life before he had a family.

Unknown said...

CONGRATS E! (and mom) He is too precious and looks so handsome and proud! God is amazing!

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

Woo Hoo E-man!!!!

What a clever little fellow evidenced as well by his choice of food. ;)

Andrea Hill said...

E-man truly is the coolest kid. I love that little guy and I know you were so proud of him.

Adeye said...

That is just so absolutely wonderful! I love how proud he looks :)


Our journey following Christ said...

YES!!! Another victory for LIFE! It is wonderful to see this little guy so full of life, joy, excitement and health. He is a success in so many ways. To see him recognized for this surely brings a smile to the face of our God, you-his family and to his Ethiopian family who's gone on before him:) No doubt!

Congratulations miracle boy!! Keep up the good work!!


LisaShaw said...

Oh your son is precious! Love the photo of the two of you and congratulations to your little guy!!! Awesome!!!

Love ya!