Monday, November 8, 2010

Mid Atlantic Orphan Summit Thoughts

Man! What a weekend!

I am still processing, and don't have all my notes with me to make a real recap, but have to say God truly showed up!

I have never been to an orphan summit so I don't know what to compare it to, but there was some serious Holy Spirit involvement.

I am so so glad D came along!! Ladies if you have a chance to go to one, and can bring your man...DO IT! Having the guys there to represent, as well as hear all the info given truly changes lives!

Carolyn's husband and D were at the Project HOPEFUL table with us all weekend. They are real men with a true heart for the orphan and a love for their kids. They drew in a bunch of people and truly made a difference in some lives. :)

D is totally sold out now, he was wrecked at this weekend. I prayed that would be what would happen. I prayed he would see the face of Jesus, and see why it is that this tugs me so much. He does. He had some scales removed from his eyes, let me tell you!! It was a true joy to be there with him and experience this with him. We learned a ton together… and I needed his shoulder more than once for my own tears. I am not sure I have cried more in a 24hr period than I did at this conference. In a good way!

I got to meet Tom Davis and have a great conversation with him. Also Andy Lehman, great heart, and really great guys. Eileen Mestas killed it!!! She was phenomenal!!

Susan Hillis knocked our socks off with her AIDS/HIV statistics and information. Still trying to process that one, but let me tell you folks, the outlook isn’t pretty if we do not do SOMEthing about this crisis. It’s not just about adopting children with HIV, or even adoption in general, but if the church does not step up and do something about this crisis, we will be in a hurting…

Meredith Andrews was an amazing worship leader!!! She truly touched us, and even though her voice was leaving her, she was AWESOME!

Met some amazing women and men all passionate about the same thing, children, orphans, widows ….making a change.

We learned about the impact of Micro loans and how they can make a true difference. So many holistic ways to help end this crisis… not just adoption, not just foster care… but truly making a difference to care for the ones Jesus loved the most.

There are also a bunch of really BIG opportunities that came from it. Lots of great connections, and some big decisions to be made!! Can’t share most of them because they are still in the works and still being developed…but it’s truly exciting…and scary at the same time.

So that’s all I have for now… more soon …

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Our journey following Christ said...

I'm so glad you and D had the opportunity to attend the Orphan Summit. Completely reaffirming and life changing, all at the same time. Wasn't it wonderful to be surrounded by people who 'get you'??????

Excited to hear and see what God does with all of this and witness the outcome of it all!

I LOVE Eileen Mestas too!!!!!