Monday, November 8, 2010

MidAtlantic Photos

Here are some pics from the weekend. I wish I had gotten my camera out more, there were so many new and great people there... thank goodness for I have a bunch of new friends. :)
Our display tables...
Beautiful necklaces by Funky Fish Designs
HOPEFUL women... these are such great ladies!! ;)
Eileen Mestas speaking... man what a power house! She changed the course of our lives with her words!
Handsome men of Project HOPEFUL. :)
Traci organizing... what a woman! :)
Susan Hillis, who knew a scientist from the CDC could speak to our hearts with such conviction?! :) She did!
Tom Davis sharing from his heart... again. Life changing. He's a great guy... didn't want to get all cheesy and ask for a pic with him, just had a nice conversation.
Sporting our Tacky Headbands

Chinese Orphan children performing dance for us... they were stunning!

We ended the night with Meredith Andrews amazing! :)

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