Monday, April 19, 2010

Thursday recap...More good work and some fun

This morning dawned bright, sunny and smoggy. I love the smell of Addis in the morning. It's left over diesel fumes and special 'spice' are like a balm to my soul. Although our new guest house was situated so that the city bus line was directly across the street ... awakening me with the sounds of engines and horns, it was kinda comfy....other than the rock hard pillow. :o)

The view from the balcony.

The courtyard.
Our finished dining room, complete with new table cloth.
How many men does it take to put in a light bulb? :o) Actually this kitchen had previously only had one small bulb to light it. So this new fluorescent bulb and the new yellow paint made the room almost seem like it was glowing. :o)
Esther found a new friend. She cleaned her up and gave her a new name. We told her not to get too attached as Ethiopians do not view dogs as pets the way we do. The girls all loved her though, and she was very sweet.
Team work.
Hopscotch... this was a blast to play with the girls.

Brita had asked the girls to help her write thank you notes to the people that had sponsored her. They all had fun working on it in their new dining room. We installed a new fluorescent light in here as well.
Progress on the kitchen.
Carolyn taking a moment to help Rebecca, Ruth and Samy's, daughter drift off into nap time.
The boys came over from their compound after school to play soccer, do some crafts and share some good times.
This is C and Y. Y is very sweet and wants to be an airline flight attendant when she grows up so that she can fly all over the world. C is a great soccer player. He was such a nice young gentleman. It's hard for me to envision these children living on the streets. I love the ministry Mercy Development is doing and the work they are completing by giving these children homes, hope and Christ.
One last picture.... We are a group aren't we? :o)
It was so hard to say good by to these kids. Their faith and strength taught us all so much. We were in awe of the sacrifice made by Ruth and Samy, as well as the other youth we met that were visiting Addis from other countries while working with YWAM.

We were all sad to leave, there was so much more we could have done here to help the lives of these children and Ruth and Samy, but we had more work to be done. So we all said our good byes.

Tomorrow it's the Leper Colony. What an adventure that was! :o)


Andrea Hill said...

I know I can't wait to hear about the Leper Colony. I have such an obsession with them and hope to see them myself one day. I bet it was so sad to leave. Yeah what is it with all the man fixing one light bulb:)

Tammy said...

Welcome back! Love your posts and can't wait to read about your Leper Colony experience. Thanks for sharing!!