Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Beauty of Awash

Our trip to Awash was out last big outing. We left on Wednesday morning early and made our way East.
It was again a beautiful day and we were all in pretty high spirits. I know there was a part of each of us that wanted to stay and continue our relationships with the children and women at the O&WH but we had one more place to see.
The drive was again just beautiful! We were all trying to take pictures as the scenery wizzed by.
We did get to stop at a beautiful spot where there was a 'crator' with lava rocks in it.
Then next to a Black Lake, that was black due to the volcanic rock that formed the lake bed. It was truly a beautiful lake.
As we approached Awash it got progressively hotter. We were kind of glad we had AC. We did feel a bit spoiled though. We used GETTS travel for this tour.

The city of Awash was pretty. Small. We arrived and as was our fashion... we all went for a walk. I went with the guys and some of the gals went over to the school across the street from the hotel. The hotel was very nice. It had AC but no hot water. We had compromises every where we went. It was almost fun to see what the new thing would be. :o)

We went out in the late afternoon to the actual park area since the animals don't usually come out when it's hot.
The scenery was stunning. The falls were breath taking... and the animals were cooperative. We were stopped to view a herd of Oryx when from our left came streaking a lion to attempt the take down of an Oryx. Tim was next to me in the seat one second and then barreling over me with his camcorder the next. It was comical and surreal at the same time! A LION! Every one was amazed. What a sight! We had been prepared for a pretty hum drum view of birds and maybe a monkey or 2 but a Lion...chasing prey?! Thanks God! :o)

We stayed out for a few hours and then we went back to the hotel for dinner and bed.

We were up very early the next morning to get out to see the animals again. This morning was wet and cool. It was WONDERFUL. We were all traipsing around like it was no big deal. We were all soaked but happy. I even climbed a huge tree.

This was certainly a trip full of the new and exciting!!

Once again the pics are in no particular order. Just enjoy the beauty....

Coffee Ceremony...best popcorn ever!

In Awash city the guys had this road side guy make them horse shoes (I forget the name of the profession)

This was at a long abandoned hotel 'resort'... how comical is this?!
Yosef our interpreter...GREAT man!!!

See... I was in a tree!

Weaver birds

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Amy Jo said...

Oh, happy sigh. Loved the photo of the coffee ceremony!!! American coffee breaks just don't compare, eh? Thanks for taking the time to post your pics!