Thursday, April 1, 2010

Feeling a little like Job....

It's been one of those weeks.

One that has been full of the wildest highs and lows.

Sunday ended on such a high note. It was wonderful. We had the team blessed, we had an outpouring of love, my dad got all generous and it was a beautiful day.

Monday arrived with rain and awful weather. Monday night we drove up on a site that just is too unsettling. My oldest son, Z, had been in an accident. It was within blocks of our house, isn't that when they say most of them happen? He had been crossing an intersection on a green light when a car t-boned him, pushed him across the intersection and head on into another car. The blessing is that he drove a large older model Ford F150. It's a tank. So other than being shaken up and mad because he just put 2600.00 into the thing for repairs about a month ago we are all Praising God for no injuries. I can tell you though, my heart stopped just a little when I looked at the intersection with the police cars, tow trucks and other crunched cars. Then I saw him standing there with his dad (my ex husband) and my heart began beating again.

Tuesday night we spent the night in the Emergency room with Don. He was having chest pains and shortness of breath. His father had a strong history of heart and other problems so we don't take that stuff lightly. He had also had a lump in his leg that came and went rather oddly. Praising God again for great friends that showed up to sit with us and for the fact that he's now been checked out and I know his ticker will keep him alive for a little while longer! :o) He does have bronchitis and the possibility of the beginnings of pneumonia, whatever that means. But otherwise he's good.

Earlier that day we got the airline tickets from the travel agency for our team and one is missing, while another is misspelled. ok, we leave on Sunday for our trip. The agency took the time to attach business cards and travel insurance brochures on all the tickets individually, but forgot to count them. Crazy. I called. All is well. We all have tickets. YAY!

S has been having her migraines again. She's miserable and the meds don't seem to be helping poor thing. Please say a prayer for her.

Today is Thursday. This time next week I will be in Addis Ababa perhaps meeting E's family? oh my heart! lol I think I may need an EKG.

I was feeling a little like Job yesterday in that at first Satan only attacked his family. We must be gonna do somethin' big! :o)

Bring it!!


Andrea said...

Praying today is a better day.

Tammy said...

Leave it to Satan to throw a bunch of stuff at you just as you count down the days for your trip.

Lifting your requests in prayer. And yes, this is all preparation for something big!

Our journey following Christ said...


I have a doctorate degree in "Spiritual Warfare" and I diagnose what is happening to you as just that. It stinks and is so stressful but God WILL prevail and you will be blessed to see Him do it.

I am SO happy you are going to Korah!!!! YEAAAA!! I will facebook Sammy and tell him you're coming and to look for you. You will be changed in so many ways on this trip and I'm so for you. Growth can be painful but is ALWAYS good!

Andrea, I will pray for you every day that you're gone, for physical and emotional strength, health, energy and that you and your team will be the love of Jesus to everyone you meet.

In fact, I think I'll begin praying right now!

Love and many blessings,