Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ethiopia back in 2 weeks

Well, this is it.
It's here, we leave today!

Can you believe it? I sure can't.

The team got together at the church yesterday to 'pack up'. We took all our suit cases and all the donations and packed together. We ended up with 23 bags total. 20 at 50lbs each, 2 at 70 lbs each and 1 extra at another 50lbs. We were stuffed to the gills!

We have formula and candy and soccer balls and clothing and toothbrushes and health kits for the nannies and kids and widows..... we are sure not showing up empty handed. Pray that we make it through security and baggage in Addis with no issues. :o)

We are driving up to Washington DC tonight. We catch our plane Monday morning early.

We should be arriving in Addis on Tuesday morning early. We will freshen up, have an orientation then off to visit the Fistula hospital.

The next couple of days will entail working in the Orphans and Widow's homes in Addis that YWAM runs. We will also be visiting Korah the leper colony that first week.

Sunday I think is the day we head to Adama. We will stop in a little town called T'ede and see a ministry that's happening there.

We will then do some work in Adama at the orphanage and a widow's home.

Tuesday we will be heading out to a little village that has had some significant conversions from Islam to Christianity. The village is very poor in 'stuff' but full of the Spirit, so I hear. We are going to go love on them and take them some flour and gifts.

We will finish our adventure with a trip through the Awash National Park. We will spend the night there, then back to Addis on Friday the 16th.

We will do some last minute shopping and perhaps visit the Orthodox church. We shall see what unfolds as the weeks pass.

We covet your prayers.
Here is the team blog if you want to follow along. We are going to try to update is as often as possible.

I will be back on April 17th. I didn't do anything fun like get guest authors so it'll be quiet around here. I am excited and nervous and joyous and scared and am going to miss the heck out of my family and friends, but I am looking forward to seeing what God will do. So many people have talked about how this will change the lives of those in Ethiopia. I fully believe it will change the lives of us on the team more. We will only be a short glimmer of light...I pray it's a bright shining one that looks just like Jesus!

Blessings to you all on this Resurrection Sunday!!!


Our journey following Christ said...

Ah, you have me in tears!!

I am beyond excited for you and your team...for what they will do, see, learn and how their hearts and lives will forever be changed. You are ABSOLUTELY right, each person will have face that looks more like Jesus! And eyes that now see more like Jesus!

Everyday, I will look at your mission blog and will and have been praying for you all every day!

Happy Easter!! Say Hi to Sammy for us!


Holli said...

SO EXCITING!!! Praying for your trip!!! May God bless all you come in contact with and you be His hands and feet!!!

Andrea H. said...

Cant believe its finally here, Andrea. I will be praying for you and your team throughout this trip and reading your travel blog.

LisaShaw said...

I'm so excited for all of you dear friend. I am praying for you!!!

Blessed Resurrection Sunday to you and your family. I just visited the other blog too and left a message.

May the peace, protection and anointing of GOD go with all of you and may the power of His Holy Spirit wash down on every person you come in contact with and may you have many opportunities to lead people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ!!!

Love you.

LisaShaw said...

I posted your link on my fb for prayer. Love ya.

OneThankfulMom said...

I pray that your trip is blessed with abundant joy for you, your fellow workers, and the people whose lives you touch.