Monday, April 4, 2011

Yard Sales and Mission Trips!

What a weekend we just had! We had another yard sale to benefit our Ethiopia Mission trip. It was fantastic, I think we are becoming old pro's at this thing! We weren't able to get into the church until about 4pm on Friday, and the sale was on Saturday morning. We worked furiously from home to get all of our stuff together and then went to work... Here is the blog we will be using for Mission Updates ... read the rest of the story here.... Friday we found out that our HS is ready to be picked up which means as soon as the I600A money comes in on the 14th we will be sending it off to USCIS and getting our Dossier stuff together.... I was wrong before, I didn't have that info in my hands...we will be getting it soon and then on to the next step for our boys! :) YAY! Have an amazing week!

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Our journey following Christ said...

Closer and closer! So happy to hear of your successful sale and so thankful for all the generous people who God brought your way:)

Keep plugging away, Andrea!