Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Did I Get Here?

This morning I was checking FB and read a status update from someone saying they were longing for Korah.... I immediately said in my heart "Me Too!"

Then I paused.

I long for a leper colony in Ethiopia?

How did I get here???

Most people do not understand that longing, most people kind of get a glazed over look as I excitedly talk about our upcoming trip.

How did I get here??

I have never been decidedly selfless... :) Just read my last post. I have never been one to really like the uncomfortable. I don't like 'rustic'. I camped as a girl scout when I was little and hated every minute of it! I hated the out houses and the stink and the sleeping on the floor. Yet I long for a place that has no toilet, a place that has sewage in the streets, a place with of 100,000 people and only a handful of spots with running water.

I have one of 'those' noses, I smell every little weird smell, and can't stand most perfumes. Yet the smell of diesel, dust and spice that is the unique smell of Ethiopia is a most beautiful smell to me.

How did I get here???

As a baby Christian mission work and Africa were the scariest ideas to me. It's now the longing of my heart. If God were to make a way, we would already have packed our things and moved to this most amazing beautiful country.

How did I get here?... God. He shined the light on the path and I followed it. Thank you God for light that path!

If you would like to help us on our mission journey in June here is a link to our blog Perhaps you are only able to pray...that's ok!! Could ya add prayers for provision? :)

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Our journey following Christ said...

When God gets ahold of you and He breaks your heart for a place, it is forever. I understand completely. I think it's beautiful. You know you have my prayer commitment for your trip.

Katie and I were talking about their honeymoon last night. She is very money conscious but I was trying to talk her into Cabo San Lucas, telling her that it would be a great honeymoon. All they want, though for their honeymoon is to go to Korah. She said she'd sit on the beach in Cabo and LONG for Korah. That's how God gets ahold of a person's heart. It's just the money. Maybe God will make a way??

Love and support,