Monday, April 18, 2011

Need a Little Prayer from Our Friends

Need some prayer from ya'll for God's Will to be evident to D. It seems evident to me...but I can't make the call. D is supposed to come with me to Ethiopia for this mission trip. He's been on board since day one. He got a new job in August of last year and told his boss from the begining that it was his plan, and has shared it with him ever since. Last week the boss chose to tell him that since D hadn't been there for a full year yet that he would not get the full 2 weeks off with pay. Seriously?! Now a week without pay would be pretty detrimental to our financial wellbeing especially since we will be out of the country. So... we have been praying... I have been getting some pretty clear signs that we should not worry about this, and just go. But he's in a weird place, and I think a little unsure of what the true plan for him is. This morning I got mad... this morning I decided that I was done letting him just kind of let things happen to him. I needed to stand up for him, when he won't. No I didn't call the boss...although I am tempted to. It's a tiny 3 man company and it's not like the guy has some corporation to deal with...but the truth of the matter is that D makes the money for the company and it's probably why his boss won't let him go. I know it seems a little trivial in the scheme of things when we still need to raise money and we are still moving forward with the adoption...and God's providing huge on so many fronts...but I truly think this will be life changing for him... So...if you are so inclined, please pray for D's boss and for wisdom and discernment for us as we decide to just take a leap of faith even if he chooses to stick to his one week deal... Thanks!


LisaShaw said...


I pray in Jesus Name for complete peace, wisdom, discernment and agreement in Christ in this situation for you and your husband. I pray God's favor over you both with your husband's boss and may you both hear with a spiritual ear and see with a spiritual eye, the way GOD is leading you.

Blessed Holy week to you and your dear family!

Andrea Hill said...

His boss will keep him. And yes you guys can make it. God will provide even if you eat rice and beans and peanutbutter and Jelly for a month but its so worth it. She same happened to me 6 years ago. I was already signed up to go to Guatemala and than got a new job but took a two week with no pay. It killed us but the trip was unforgettable and I don't regret one minute of having put my family in this situation.

Our journey following Christ said...

Praying for you both to know the right thing to do and have peace about it together!

Roadblocks! Ugh...

Love you,