Friday, April 29, 2011

The Teeter Totter That is Life

People some times call life a roller coaster... I know I have often said that myself.

Lately though life seems more like a teeter totter...just strictly up and down with no real or long drawn out climbs to the top before you plummet. While your side flies up you get that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach...and if you don't hold on your butt flies off the seat. Sometimes it feels like Satan is on the other side... pushing hard to throw me into the air so that if I am not paying attention and let go...I will fly off.

The thing about a teeter totter is that the highs and lows, while quick and constant, aren't long lived.

We got news that our HS was complete one day then there was a problem the next.

We got news the files on the boys (HUGE HIGH) then got the email from my dad describing his feelings about our adoption.

We got our notification that USCIS has our file, then found out a clearance letter we need could be a huge hassle... ok it's BEEN a huge hassle.

N's teacher says this has been his best week yet at school...E's got attitude problems. ;)

Found out friends are having a baby...another friend miscarried.

D found out his co-worker, a young man with 3 little boys has been stealing from the company for months. His family was to move into a rental property owned by their boss, it's not happening, in fact he will be losing his job, home and vehicle today...prayers for all involved.

D is also not able to come to Ethiopia with us in June...but I have found peace with it. And know that the trip will be amazing. God is providing in amazing ways!

The wonderful thing about this teeter totter is that God has also placed in my life people that remind me every day that life is short, I am blessed, and God works it all out.

Teeter totters are always up and down... sometimes you get that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach as your feet leave the ground...but then as your feet touch the earth you are reminded that there is a foundation beneath you.

Satan may be trying to buck me off my seat, but God's the one I am holding onto, and landing my feet upon.

So...bring on the teeter totter... time to have some fun.


James 1:27 Family said...

Best line I have heard all day... probably all week...

"if you don't hold on your butt flies on the seat!"

Love you!!!

Adeye said...

Love this post....LOVE your attitude, friend :)

Our journey following Christ said...

Expecting to hear some news of resolution today. You're right...hold on tightly to God through all this. Follow Him. He is faithful and had it ALL worked out for your good.

Love you!

Meliski said...

Preach it, mama. I'm riding the teeter-totter right next to you!

Cindy said...

Love you.