Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Not About Me

It's a lesson I am learning lately...It's Not About Me I have always known it, and thought I was living that way...but God's been having a good time sharing with me this lesson again.

The cool thing is that it's been a really good lesson some painful ways and in some really cool ways.

He's shown me that life is short and I don't have time to get my panties in a bunch over small inane things. I don't have time to be selfish and self-centered. And it's prideful to think that that my feelings are more important than someone else's.

He's shown me that my attitude is the only one I can control and it's not ever going to change. I can either choose to be happy or choose to be upset. I can choose to feel blessed or I can choose to see that life is still not what I would want.

He's shown me that my mission field does not only include those that I love in Ethiopia, but also those in my own home and in my circle of friends.

He's shown me that I can either get upset when other people don't live up to my expectations or I can realize that there ain't nobody perfect...and least of all me. Time to cut some people some slack.

He's allowing me to be 'ok' with the issues that keep cropping up with our adoption plan... I was initially upset with a recent set back...but have learned enough to know that it gets me no where to be mad ...just have to press on and give some grace.

He's shown me renewed joy in my children and in my life.

He's given me friends who share my heart, know my heart and get the things that break mine.

It's not about me....It's about Him. He loves me just the way I am ....but refuses to leave me this way... He love you too ya know. :)


Drawn From Water said...

Wow! I'm in the middle of writing a post with this exact title. I don't know if I will ever finish it but this is a lesson that I keep running into in my life lately. Tough lesson, isn't it?

Tammy said...

Oops! I was logged into my DFW account. That was my comment - Tammy

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

YIKES! Why is that I always think people are writing directly to me. My attitude is stinky today.....I need to get over it, but can't seem to shake it.....

I NEED TO REMEMBER IT'S NOT ABOUT ME!!!! Thank you for the reminder. Praying for your family members to get it! It may not be a surprise, but it isn't fun.

Mare said...

"I don't have time to be selfish and self-centered."
That's about it. :)

dawn said...

He loves me just the way I am...but refuses to leave me this way...


Kim said...

I am brand new to your blog, but I am so glad to have read this tonight. Thank you!