Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Movin' Mountains!

Hey! It's teeter totter gal :) Here I am teetering and tottering and I just had one of those fly up in the air moments! :)

This past week we have been working with our local police station to get a clearance letter for hubs. He has a checkered past...nothing that would preclude us from adopting (ya know since God used us to change that law ;) ) ...but we needed a police clearance. At first we were told no, then we were told we could get a modified version which wouldn't have been acceptable. D was ready to just take it as it was... and I said, "No way! We have 2 boys that need us. We have 2 boys that need us to fight for them, and I am not settling on what these people don't understand."

We asked friends for prayer and specifically for Lieutenant W, as he was the guy that had the ability to do it or not. He had no clue how many people were praying for him specifically. ;)

This morning I got the email from him that it was done and would be waiting for us at the station!!!!

Yep! He still moves mountains!!!


We have been raising money for the mission team which has been a teeter totter in and of itself as well. We have our last fundraiser this weekend and we are going to be at goal! All $21000 will have been raised...and I believe we will be over our goal. To quote a friend of mine "Ain't God Good?!"

God is honoring our fight for our boys. He is honoring our efforts. We keep trusting Him and He keeps coming through. Oh I wish you could see their faces. :) I wish you could be with me to meet them in June...praying that it's in God's plan that we are able to do so... I believe He will move the mountain that will prevent that! :)

How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them.
--Psalm 111:2

What mountains can we pray to be moved in your life?


Barry and Amy said...

I didn't realize it was a possibility that you could meet them while on your mission trip!! How awesome! I'll be praying that it will happen!

Andrea said...

Well they are both in Addis, I pray that it works out that they will let me. At the very least I will deliver my own welcome bags and they can be shared at tthe right time. :)

Tammy said...

Do you think God puts mountains in our path so we have a testimony about how He moves them?! Only Him alone and all the glory to HIM!
Great news!!

Andrea said...

Good question Tammy. Perhaps you are right. He gets the glory on this one... well in it ALL. But It's great to see Him move things that others say can't happen. :)

Our journey following Christ said...

Rejoicing with you over this moved mountain! God is good:)