Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why So Nervous?

So today! Today is our Home Study Day!!! She's coming to the house and asking us all the questions....

She knows us already and knows our kids...this is just a renewal...so why am I so nervous?

Does anyone else think it's completely nuts that we have to lay our lives on the line and be the 'perfect' parent in order to... well parent? What if they find out that I am not always the most patient. Or that sometimes I yell.

That sometimes I just say "Because I said so!" Because I just don't feel like coming up with an answer...lol

Sometimes I feed my kids peanut butter and jelly crackers for lunch because we ran out of bread.

I don't always give them everything they want and I don't always treat them exactly the same.

I have to tell them I am sorry frequently and regret that I don't always handle situations as an adult.


I do love them. I do pray for them every day. I do cheer for them at every function and I am their biggest fans. I am also their biggest champion.

I do kiss their booboo's and hold them when they blap, I clean up their messes and hold the tissue when they blow their noses. I sit up with them when they are too sick to want to sleep.

I do read them stories and share my ice cream. I hug them when they are sad and laugh with them when they are happy. I tuck them in and say night night prayers with them every night and the last thing I say to them is "Who is special?" WE ARE! "Why?" Because God made us that way! "Who loves you?" God and mommy and daddy!

So I guess I am not perfect...but the one who made us is... guess I will just have to rely on Him... :)


Lisa Smith said...

I just read two things about perfect today.
1. Are we really striving for perfection or is it excellence we seek?

2. Better a diamond with a flaw than just a pebble.

My friend Sandy @ God Speaks Today is talking about perfectionism. I have a lot to learn!

Love this because it shows me although we're different, we're just a like :)

Becky said...

You, my dear, have nothing to worry about! All the same I hope you are at ease and that you sense His presence the entire visit! And I am insanely jealous of your warm weather. :)

Adeye said...

Oh I bet you did fabulously well!!!! Let us know how it went.

You're a GREAT mom :)

Our journey following Christ said...

All done:)