Friday, March 25, 2011

Matching Grant Opportunity!

Hey friends!!

So see the Badge over there on the right? ---> The one that says Ordinary Hero?
They are doing a matching grant today only... whomever sells enough to get the 100.00 matching grant recveives 200.00 today towards their adoption. How cool is that?! ok 200.00 isn't a huge amount, but it would cover fingerprint costs for USCIS. That's a great step! :)

So... Spring is here, there are some CUTE T's and bags and hats ...and even just a place that you can donate towards a family that you choose, if you aren't interested in any merch.

So click on the badge, choose your new cute wardrobe and when checking out make sure to choose our family as the one to get credit!! :)

Tell your fun!

Happy Shopping Friday to you!

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