Friday, February 25, 2011

Great Things Happen

Do you know the song?

Great things happen when God mixes with us
Great things happen when God mixes with us

Great and Beautiful Wonderful Things

Great things happen when Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood mixes with us....

That song has been in my head all day... it's what's been happening around me lately and it's so very awesome to see.

He's allowing to be tiny parts of really great things going on around me and I LOVE it!

Rhyan is still praying for the funding for her home, I am trusting that He's already got the funds available. The cool thing is that I have a co-worker who's husband is from Haiti and she's sharing this with him and his family to see what they can do to help. PH is also looking into their role as supporters of this as well. SO cool!

My friend Tesfaye is working hard to get his ministry up and running in Addis. His is so blessed and God is opening so many great doors and providing for him that I am excited for him. I LOVE to see his emails to me with the excitement around him, even with the hardship of the leper colony that he ministers to. Now THAT is ministry don't you think?!

You know what's so cool about the 2 people above? They are both young and vibrant and following God with passion! LOVE it!

We are attempting to work with other churches to bring them along board with our mission trip so as to gain more funding and perhaps church support to help the ministries we will be visiting with while there in ET.

God is pulling together our adoption paperwork... we have our last HS on Tuesday and our application is in to AAI! :) We were thinking of using WACAP and still highly recommend them, especially after they were so great when we were looking into China, but AAI is where our last adoption was and we trust and love them. We should be getting our waiting child DVD and info soon...yippee!

God is stirring up hearts around us... and stirring up more in both D and my hearts... we are in prayer about some long range plans and what God is working out for us... we are excited to see where it's taking us. D is very discouraged and sad in his current situation and I believe God is working in him in a big way...he's just not hearing it. He doesn't have a support system like I do...even if many of my support people are I do have the support and the people to put me in my place when need be, and to lift me when need be and who GET me. :) He doesn't have that...will you pray that He put a Godly man in my D's life to be a friend and support? Thank you!

I started my first guitar lesson! :) I have learned that I have to keep my nails short, toughen up my fingers, and how to play the chord of D. :) Yippee!!! :)

Great things happening because God is mixing with us! Tell me what He's doing in your life friends!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

So glad to hear HIM in others lives :)

PRAYING for your adoption!!! God would take you where you need to be!