Thursday, March 10, 2011



Seriously if I could remove the word from vocabulary I would do

But I know that waiting is part of the process.

After we went to get N, we knew that we wouldn't ever be on a list waiting for a child to become available. We saw too many children that needed homes, and after being in Ethiopia in April of last year that was solidified for me. I met too many children that need a home and that wait too long.

There is talk and speculation and in some cases down right ugliness swirling in this whole Ethiopia MOWA deal and I want no part of it. What I do want to be a part of is my children's lives.

There ARE children waiting for families...thousands of them. The thing is, they aren't the type of kids that people are asking for...and I am not here to judge or condemn what other's choose or feel is right for their families...what hurts is that more people are willing to step up into that world of special need or older age.

We will be placed on a list. Waiting for our children. Whom we have already identified. And will wait to bring them home. I don't have any idea what that will look like when it all plays out? I don't know if they will wait even longer to know us...while we wait here knowing who they are.

Praying that the children that need protecting are protected. Praying that the people that have done illegal acts get their judgement, and praying that those kids that are already waiting will not have to wait for much longer...

So... we are waiting....


Barry and Amy said...

I am totally, 100% with you!

Our sweet boy has already been in an orphanage almost a year- he was a waiting child. I can't stand the thought of him being there another year!

God is sovereign. Resting in that.

Adeye said...

Oh friend, I have been reading about it and my heart breaks for all the kids.

Oh God in heaven.

Our journey following Christ said...

I hate wait, much. The not knowing is so incredibly hard. It makes your mind wander all over the place.

But God is faithful. He knows and loves these children more than we do. We will trust Him to bring your kids home to you.

I'm praying several times every day that He will.



Dena said...

Did you already pick them out as you say "identified"? I'm hoping that with our request for an older, sick girl, that our wait won't be as long.