Wednesday, March 2, 2011

God's Grace

Well... that went well. :)

I got home a bit early, as I knew S was picking up the boys so that our SW could talk to them in private about our plans to adopt again. Apparently we have to have approval from our kids.

As soon as I walked in the door I could smell it... stink... dog stink. Oh man! Really?? So I casually look around for the culprit, as the SW asks to see the boys room. As we walk up the stairs and into the room...there it is...seriously?!!! The Dog had to choose that day to mess on the carpet, in the boys room. And we have BIG dogs so you know what that means... gggrrrrr

So I calmly apologize, she's totally cool about it, I open a window in their room and close the door. I mean at this point what do ya do...with doo...LOL

We had a nice visit. She's really sweet. And she was gone pretty quickly. And since there was some confusion about our fingerprints for local clearance we hadn't done them. We rushed out after she left to get to the police station.

We knew they closed at 430pm and it was about 350pm. There are about 15 stop lights between us and the courthouse... guess how many of them were RED on the way there... yep ALL of them. Every dern one! We got there at about 418pm and there was a sign that said they were done at 415. !!!???!!!

So I begged and pleaded...if I knew how to cry on demand I might The lady behind the counter didn't want to help, but I kept saying the website said 430pm. She called a police woman from behind the door. She came out. I pleaded again. She took pity on us!!!!

The boys were with us cause S was working...they were SO good, and the officer was so impressed. She was very sweet. She even let us go without having to pay! :) So we hugged her... lol I'll bet it's the first time anyone asked to hug her because of fingerprints. :) She even hugged on our boys. :)

Every time we hit a red light on the way in, I prayed...and said ok God please show us favor....and every light turned red! He did show us favor in that officer...and then He let us show her grace. He's an amazing God!

So we have all the paperwork done on our end for the HS. All that needs to happen is getting the reports back, and we can move forward. YIPPEE


Barry and Amy said...

That's fantastic! Sometimes I think God just likes to show off! I hope that's what he's up to in our situation too!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he- we took in all 6 and then 7 of our kids to go to the police should have seen their faces :) too funny!!!

So glad things went well despite the not fun things that happen.

James 1:27 Family said...

So happy that things worked out. How do dogs know how to totally embarrass us at just the right time? I guess it's funny now, right?

This is all so exciting. Praise God.

Much love,

Our journey following Christ said...

Moving right along, girlfriend!

God did indeed show you favor yesterday. What a blessing to find such a sweet and understanding police officer right when you needed one.

Love the dog poop story. So disgusting!!


Cindy said...

So...I am thinking that if satan's only shot at discouraging you is doog poop and red lights....he's got nothing on you! :)

So glad to hear how God is working everything out!

Love you!