Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We are Family...and friends!

The family reunion was great fun! We stayed at a place called Oglebay Resort in WV. It's a beautiful area and resort, but way pricey. And your cabin fee gets you no discount or admittance to any of the amenities other than the pool. Even had to pay for the trolley to get you around the place. Kinda crazy. Other than that, we could not have asked for more beautiful weather!! It was actually chilly in the mornings and after having just been through temps in the 100's at home, it was so very pleasant.

Here are some of the fun activities we did...
We swam indoors.
Colored on walls
Hung out with uncles.
Even uncles all the way from Chili.
Ate at tiny tables (I could not get my cousin to give me a straight smile to save my life!)
We went fishing. I baited my own hook! It turns out I am not very good at it. The whole squirming while piercing it's body just had me all weirded out. I know... I am such a girl. :o)
Pedal boating.
Hey caught one!

Went to the zoo on premises.

Ate alot.
Does your family do this stuff after dinner?

Gathered to talk and look at pics of the family from days gone by.
Played with bubbles!!

They're a little messy!
Swam some more.
Wore cool hats.
Met up with really great friends! These guys moved to WV a few years ago, so when we knew we were going to be near by we decided to get together. It was great fun to hang out for the day. And of course I got me some baby lovin in.
We had a huge family dinner. There were 77 of us at dinner. Sad part was that since there had not been a gathering place prior to the big dinner on the last night, we didn't know we were playing near family one of the days. Would have been fun to have been able to connect other than at the dinner.
Had to share this one, makes me crack up. He did this face on purpose... no clue why...lol
Sibling love.
THEN! We got to hang out with these guys for a bit on our way home!! We met Aaron and his wife while we were in Ethiopia picking up E. We only spent a short time together, but just kind of clicked. We ended up experiencing some significant health issues at the same time with our boys. We have kept in touch since then. So since we were going to be traveling near them, we knew we had to try to get together. The boys hit it off immediately. It was so sweet! So wish we lived closer, it would be amazing to be able to get the boys together to play more often. Plus Aaron and Marjorie are great people, would love to spend more time with them!
Thanks for taking the time to meet with us! See you soon!!
How cute are they??!!

S and Marjorie
All of us together. D is so jealous of Aaron's facial hair...lol Both S and E wanted to bring the baby home...lol E kept saying on the way home, "Him cute! Me want that baby. Him cute"

Well you survived the family reunion... thanks for visiting. Read a great book while in the van... I will share more about it soon.

Have a great day!


TanyaLea said...

BEAUTIFUL photos! Looks like a great weekend celebrating family and the Fourth all in one! There's nothing quite so priceless as those moments in time spent all together. We have a family wedding coming up the end of the month and I can't WAIT to see everyone! :)

GORGEOUS family!!


Andrea Hill said...

Looks like so much fun and an unforgettable time. Great pics again.

James 1:27 Family said...

What great memories! That looks so fun. You sure have a happy family.

Much love,