Sunday, July 11, 2010

Creative Juices Flowing...

There have been alot of fun projects happening around the house lately!
E-man got a piggy bank that needed painting for his birthday so we set he and N up in the garage (the paint is not washable) and let them paint. N had a project that has been sitting around so he got to paint his too. It was fun to watch them decide on colors and placement of that color. Such great little imaginations!

Not such a great pic of E man, but I had to show a bit of his color scheme. :o)

Mom and I have been busy working on our venture together as well. We are starting SonShineGall-ery Designs. Our first project is an Up-Cycle (instead of recycle) project. Finding old vintage plates and bases and putting them together to make cake plates, candy and sweets bowls, soap dishes...whatever your heart desires.
Here are a few examples....

How cute are these guys?!

I painted these last 2. I have a WHOLE lot to learn about painting before I do a ton more, but these were fun to make.
Each plate has a base that is under it, just didn't want to load this post down with too many of pics. We are still working on the pricing plan, but we are thinking $15 - 20 for the smaller ones and $20-25 for the bigger ones. We are also planning on choosing a cause to donate money to each month, an adoption fund, or other fundraiser and a percentage of any profit made will go to that cause. We are still determining the amount and the first cause. But we are excited about this. It's SO much fun to do and they are a blast to make...choosing just the right plate and base combo is a ton of fun!

We are going to use this as a major fundraiser for ourselves as well for the mission trip. Mom has made a table cloth and skirt and we will have matching aprons so when we go to craft shows we can look all cute and sassy. :o)

D has also started making Corn Hole boards... I think they are called bean bag games elsewhere. He's such a handy guy! He's making these for fun, as a bit of extra income, and he's also going to use most of the money as a fundraiser for the mission trip.

The wood is cabinet grade so it's really nice wood. He's still working on his price point as well, but will probably sell them for 80- 95 per set. The wood is actually pretty expensive, and that price is less than most places sell them for. I may end up painting them custom colors, cause he doesn't want to but we have had some people already ask for specific school and / or team colors. So looks like I will be painting colors. :o)

So we have added some projects to our already busy schedule... pray for us! :o)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love the plate/cake holders- those are too cute! Your husband is handy.

Sounds like you are having fun making things :)

Adeye said...

Oh wow, you have been busy! LOVE the plate. So beautiful. Glad you're having fun, friend :)

Andrea Hill said...

Very nice creations. I hope I didn't miss a post but did you ever get that beautiful bathroom finished by your handy husband?

andrea said...

LOVE the cake holders...what a GREAT guys are very talented.