Saturday, July 10, 2010

So much happening...

It's been a busy summer already, and it's only July 10th. Goodness!

I tell you what, summer is the time of year when I really wish I was a stay at home mom so that I could play with my kids outside. This summer we are doing a tag team effort in keeping them busy. S keeps them on Monday and Wednesday, my mom and mom in law keep them on alternating Tues and Thursday, and N's regular sitter keeps them on Friday. Gives them variety... and saves us a boat load of money! The summer care was going to be 220.00 per week... ouch! So we have pared it down to about 50.00 a week this way. It also gives every one a chance to play, but also gives the grandma's a break since watching 2 very active boys is tiring.

Vacation Bible school is coming soon, I think the boys could use some play with other

S is working on most of the days she's not watching the boys, but she works at the beach, and usually with her best friends so it's not really like work. :) Then she's out most nights. We do keep a limit and a time's a balance thing that we are still working on since she got her license and a job... gosh they grow up too quickly!

The mission trip planning is going strong. Last night D and I figured we have about 15 people so far, and that does not include the senior high youth that may be coming. This is going to be a huge trip! Woo hoo!! Praying for the Lords direction and discernment.

We have had a bit of opposition this time from a key member in the church, it's been tough because I have not been able to figure out the issue. The blessing is that our associate pastor is fully on board with the trip, so he's helped smooth things beautifully. Thank you God for his leadership and care. Pray with me for this key member, and our dealings together. I want to act, and react with God's grace and love. I am so very excited about the team and all that will be happening this time! Can't WAIT! It's hard to believe it's still a year away... I don't want to rush the year, but man I sure miss Ethiopia!

My dad is leaving today for Mississippi on a mission trip with his church. It's kind of a big deal for him. Pray for him and those he will be working with...he's not the easiest guy to get along I pray God's full anointing on him and the team.

Mom will be traveling back and forth to my grandparents house in PA frequently as their health is failing and they still live alone. It's a hard place to be when you can care for your self in most areas, but just need that little bit of help to get through each day.

I will leave you with one more prayer request. My baby M still does not have a family waiting for her. Please pray for the right family step forward to love her. I got a report that she's growing and gaining weight. That's a huge praise! I can't wait to hear that she has a family too!

Hope your summer is good and you are enjoying time with family.


Andrea Hill said...

Busy summer for you. Glad to hear the mission team is going great and I am even happier that your D. will be joining you next year. I am so sad about babyb M. If people would only do more research and see how easy it is to take care of a child with HIV. I hope her family is coming along quickly too, really I know who her family should be.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Sounds crazy busy. Who is this child that you are talking about? I will be praying for them!

Praying with you for the opposition- it is not fun to deal with- ever!!! Especially when it has to do with church & ministry.

Unknown said...


I would love to get information on the mission trip you are putting together in Ethiopia.

I'm not sure if you're open to having other groups tag along but would be willing to discuss, as we are looking for a mission opportunity for our youth for next summer.

Where are you located? When are you going, etc? You can email me at

Look forward to hearing from you.