Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Quiet blogger alert….

So I have been in a season of pruning for a bit. And since parts of it aren’t pretty I have chosen not to share so much here. Shocking! I know because I tend to be more honest on here than I really should be…

Let’s just say that God is doing a work in me… daily, hourly... minute-ly (sorry it isn’t a word, but it fit) :) It has to do with love, loving my neighbor and myself. I don’t have any issue loving Ethiopia, the people I met and loved there, worrying over the children and my new friends… I forget those right here in my own home… ouch!

There are several proverbs and psalms involved…and a verse from Matthew about a bushel and a light. I believe somewhere along the way I allowed satan to place a bushel over my light… I need it removed.

Most of my pruning has come in the form of learning about keeping my mouth closed and praying before speaking.

Life is good… that’s not the issue. N has improved a lot since our talk with him about some things, E is strong and healthy, D and I are going strong… S and Z are great. The mission trip is coming along…

I actually really appreciate this season of pruning because I need to get rid of some JUNK and find that place of joy again. He’s showing me how.

So… I may be quiet for a bit. You know, that whole, shut up and listen thing.

I will try to take some pics of the kids though and share them in the quiet. They are way way better than my random thoughts anyway. :)


Anonymous said...

I love pruning season - when it's over! LOL Our Father knows best and how amazing it it that He takes the time to prune and shape us into His image?! Hang in there - soon you'll be blossoming and bearing beautiful sweet fruit again :)


Andrea Hill said...

You go girl. Good for you and I hope you grow lots of fruit my friend:)