Friday, April 29, 2011

The Teeter Totter That is Life

People some times call life a roller coaster... I know I have often said that myself.

Lately though life seems more like a teeter totter...just strictly up and down with no real or long drawn out climbs to the top before you plummet. While your side flies up you get that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach...and if you don't hold on your butt flies off the seat. Sometimes it feels like Satan is on the other side... pushing hard to throw me into the air so that if I am not paying attention and let go...I will fly off.

The thing about a teeter totter is that the highs and lows, while quick and constant, aren't long lived.

We got news that our HS was complete one day then there was a problem the next.

We got news the files on the boys (HUGE HIGH) then got the email from my dad describing his feelings about our adoption.

We got our notification that USCIS has our file, then found out a clearance letter we need could be a huge hassle... ok it's BEEN a huge hassle.

N's teacher says this has been his best week yet at school...E's got attitude problems. ;)

Found out friends are having a baby...another friend miscarried.

D found out his co-worker, a young man with 3 little boys has been stealing from the company for months. His family was to move into a rental property owned by their boss, it's not happening, in fact he will be losing his job, home and vehicle today...prayers for all involved.

D is also not able to come to Ethiopia with us in June...but I have found peace with it. And know that the trip will be amazing. God is providing in amazing ways!

The wonderful thing about this teeter totter is that God has also placed in my life people that remind me every day that life is short, I am blessed, and God works it all out.

Teeter totters are always up and down... sometimes you get that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach as your feet leave the ground...but then as your feet touch the earth you are reminded that there is a foundation beneath you.

Satan may be trying to buck me off my seat, but God's the one I am holding onto, and landing my feet upon.

So...bring on the teeter totter... time to have some fun.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Win Some Fun Stuff and Help a Friend

Hey ya'll Rhyan is working on raising the funds that she needs to help sustain the house she is creating for the children with hiv to call home.

God has provided the funds to rent the house but she needs to be able to sustain it.

She has some amazing Haitian items to give for your donations.

Please go check it out!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FINALLY... One More Step Complete

Oh my goodness!

Our Home Study has taken forever! Mostly format and information issues. Our SW is very sweet, and we love her, but she's not been informed of some of the changes that need to take place and information that needs to go into a home study that meets Hague requirements.

Then our agency has also been very busy and they both work part it was like a perfect storm of events to make this HS last for 3 months!

It is finally for real complete and ready to go to USCIS. Mailing it tomorrow!!!

It also means we were able to see the files on the boys that we would like to make our own. I was SOOOO excited to get those files, it was like getting a referral! :) Erin emailed me first, knowing that I was waiting. We were able to see the file of A who is the older of the 2. I tell you what, if other's had seen his file before they would have snatched him up in a heart beat... and while I hate that he's still waiting after all this time, I am grateful that we will be able to be the one's to parent him.

Then came B's file. In love yet again!

We didn't think there would be anything in either file that would make us run screaming.... and there wasn't. It was just a confirmation that we were going to be their parents.

So this morning I emailed and was able to tell the agency that we would like to commit to these boys. The next step is that we must complete the Dossier paperwork.

When they have the Dossier we can finally be officially committed to the boys, but at this point we are the family on their files. :) YAY!!!

I was so very excited yesterday... I was texting my friend 'YAY' all day long... :) I know I am a dork. I felt like I was pregnant, and wanted to shout it from the roof tops...but couldn't here at work. :) SO I shouted in text. :)

I know there's a ton of waiting to do now, and everything is mostly out of my hands. But I am so very excited that we will be parents again!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Need a Little Prayer from Our Friends

Need some prayer from ya'll for God's Will to be evident to D. It seems evident to me...but I can't make the call. D is supposed to come with me to Ethiopia for this mission trip. He's been on board since day one. He got a new job in August of last year and told his boss from the begining that it was his plan, and has shared it with him ever since. Last week the boss chose to tell him that since D hadn't been there for a full year yet that he would not get the full 2 weeks off with pay. Seriously?! Now a week without pay would be pretty detrimental to our financial wellbeing especially since we will be out of the country. So... we have been praying... I have been getting some pretty clear signs that we should not worry about this, and just go. But he's in a weird place, and I think a little unsure of what the true plan for him is. This morning I got mad... this morning I decided that I was done letting him just kind of let things happen to him. I needed to stand up for him, when he won't. No I didn't call the boss...although I am tempted to. It's a tiny 3 man company and it's not like the guy has some corporation to deal with...but the truth of the matter is that D makes the money for the company and it's probably why his boss won't let him go. I know it seems a little trivial in the scheme of things when we still need to raise money and we are still moving forward with the adoption...and God's providing huge on so many fronts...but I truly think this will be life changing for him... So...if you are so inclined, please pray for D's boss and for wisdom and discernment for us as we decide to just take a leap of faith even if he chooses to stick to his one week deal... Thanks!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Days... and Because I Know You Have Missed Them

Yes there's an owie... his face and the sidewalk had a fight, the sidewalk won... dern concrete
Doesn't he look so grown?!

Look Ma no hands...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Did I Get Here?

This morning I was checking FB and read a status update from someone saying they were longing for Korah.... I immediately said in my heart "Me Too!"

Then I paused.

I long for a leper colony in Ethiopia?

How did I get here???

Most people do not understand that longing, most people kind of get a glazed over look as I excitedly talk about our upcoming trip.

How did I get here??

I have never been decidedly selfless... :) Just read my last post. I have never been one to really like the uncomfortable. I don't like 'rustic'. I camped as a girl scout when I was little and hated every minute of it! I hated the out houses and the stink and the sleeping on the floor. Yet I long for a place that has no toilet, a place that has sewage in the streets, a place with of 100,000 people and only a handful of spots with running water.

I have one of 'those' noses, I smell every little weird smell, and can't stand most perfumes. Yet the smell of diesel, dust and spice that is the unique smell of Ethiopia is a most beautiful smell to me.

How did I get here???

As a baby Christian mission work and Africa were the scariest ideas to me. It's now the longing of my heart. If God were to make a way, we would already have packed our things and moved to this most amazing beautiful country.

How did I get here?... God. He shined the light on the path and I followed it. Thank you God for light that path!

If you would like to help us on our mission journey in June here is a link to our blog Perhaps you are only able to pray...that's ok!! Could ya add prayers for provision? :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Not About Me

It's a lesson I am learning lately...It's Not About Me I have always known it, and thought I was living that way...but God's been having a good time sharing with me this lesson again.

The cool thing is that it's been a really good lesson some painful ways and in some really cool ways.

He's shown me that life is short and I don't have time to get my panties in a bunch over small inane things. I don't have time to be selfish and self-centered. And it's prideful to think that that my feelings are more important than someone else's.

He's shown me that my attitude is the only one I can control and it's not ever going to change. I can either choose to be happy or choose to be upset. I can choose to feel blessed or I can choose to see that life is still not what I would want.

He's shown me that my mission field does not only include those that I love in Ethiopia, but also those in my own home and in my circle of friends.

He's shown me that I can either get upset when other people don't live up to my expectations or I can realize that there ain't nobody perfect...and least of all me. Time to cut some people some slack.

He's allowing me to be 'ok' with the issues that keep cropping up with our adoption plan... I was initially upset with a recent set back...but have learned enough to know that it gets me no where to be mad ...just have to press on and give some grace.

He's shown me renewed joy in my children and in my life.

He's given me friends who share my heart, know my heart and get the things that break mine.

It's not about me....It's about Him. He loves me just the way I am ....but refuses to leave me this way... He love you too ya know. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Yard Sales and Mission Trips!

What a weekend we just had! We had another yard sale to benefit our Ethiopia Mission trip. It was fantastic, I think we are becoming old pro's at this thing! We weren't able to get into the church until about 4pm on Friday, and the sale was on Saturday morning. We worked furiously from home to get all of our stuff together and then went to work... Here is the blog we will be using for Mission Updates ... read the rest of the story here.... Friday we found out that our HS is ready to be picked up which means as soon as the I600A money comes in on the 14th we will be sending it off to USCIS and getting our Dossier stuff together.... I was wrong before, I didn't have that info in my hands...we will be getting it soon and then on to the next step for our boys! :) YAY! Have an amazing week!