Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Valentine's Day and the passing of my grandmother has had me thinking alot about love.

I had thought, even before all of the recent events that I am truly loved and truly blessed. These past couple of weeks have solidified that for me.

I have always known that my grandparents had something special. They had been married 68 yrs. That's a LONG time...it's a lifetime. And even in these last few months they would sit next to each other and hold hands and smile at each other. They would be almost sappy in their love to each other... really good sappy :)


My brother shared his last memory of them as sitting next to each other on the couch, her head on his shoulder and their telling each other about how very blessed they were with their 6 kids, mulitple grand kids and great grand kids...wondering about what they did to deserve it.

It's not something you hear about any more. That kind of love that lasts a life time.

I had said to my D a couple of months ago that I am so loving where we are in life now. I had seen a couple of shows or something where people were talking about having been married for years and being bored and old and frankly...boring.

We just aren't that way. I mean we aren't perfect or anything...but in this season of our lives we are probably happier than ever.

I was having a conversation with Erin about our adoption and I was fussing because D keeps saying that he wants God to lead the adoption but he wants to put perameters on it...and I am doing the same....lol It was a good kind of frustrating. She pointed out to me that we were both stubborn people (SO true!) and that most women complain about their man not doing dishes or being lazy and we are arguing about the number and gender of child we will be adopting. Who does that?! :) It's a good place to be!!

Then I was talking with a new friend about the work she is going to do in Haiti. It's a really cool story I will have to share it with you some day.... so I was telling D about it.

D says to me. "Let's sell all of our things and move to Haiti! I would love to just sell all of our junk and go run an orphanage somewhere!" When I told my new friend that...she said to me..."Wow, you have one cool husband. Most women don't tell me that their husband's want to do something like that"

We aren't moving to Haiti...lol yet...

But I did tell my husband that I was really thrilled that in his mid-life crisis that he wasn't looking to trade me in on a new younger model...but was willing to trade our lives in to follow God.

God is pretty amazing! He set the world in motion so that my grandparents would live the lives that they did...so that they could set the example for us to follow...and here I am with my most amazing hubby ...praying that our grandchildren will some day say the same about us. :)


Our journey following Christ said...

Awwww....so, SO sweet! You've had a great example of this kind of a lifetime love from your grandparents and your are setting this same example for your kids and someday your grandkids! You guys are being intentional about your legacy. Most people don't think about that until they are closer to retirement age.

I also am blessed with a husband who desires to serve others. I am thankful beyond words to have a husband who is taking me to Korah for our 25th anniversary:)

Our friends told us that if it was anyone else, going to a leper colony would be such a weird place to spend a 25th anniversary but since it's us, it seems normal;) These same friends are very seriously considering celebrating their 25th anniversary in Korah WITH US!!!!!!!!

Praising the Lord for husbands who aren't living for themselves!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

That is an awesome husband! :) he he he.....I am sooo Blessed too :) Isn't it great to have that!!!