Friday, October 15, 2010

Going to have some fun!!

It's been a crazy week, yet aren't they all?! :)

So this weekend we are heading for the hills... or the mountains to be exact. :) We are taking the kids to the Natural Bridge to spend some time together.

We have been so busy recently that we really haven't had any family time together, and if we don't go away to do it, it won't happen. We had thought of going camping, but it's going to be a bit chilly in the mountains and my D is a bit warm blooded... give him a 90 degree beach any day!... and he isn't pleased with camping in the cold. (I hate camping and it was my idea...thought I was giving him his oh well his loss) ;)

The Natural Bridge area has a toy museum, wax museum, caverns, the bridge of course and a zoo that is offering pics with baby tigers, AND rides on an elephant. We are just going over night, but I think the time together will be too much fun! :)

Tonight S is in the Homecoming parade at school so we are leaving bright and early in the morning.

I promise pics and fun to share when we get back. :)

I pray your weekend is filled with fun and happy days!!

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Meliski said...

Enjoy the rest and the family time. And don't hurry back! :)