Friday, October 22, 2010


It's Friday!!!

We have nothing significat planned... can you believe it? I know me neither!

My biggest plan for tomorrow is to clean my poorly negelected house. And then on Sunday get to the yard. We will be getting our pumpkins for carving, and costumes ready for next weekend.

Jeremy Camp is coming tomorrow night... SO wish I could head over to watch but we have no sitter, so I am letting D and S go with D's mom. It will be fun to hang with my boys for the night. Perhaps we do movies and popcorn and snuggle time. Sounds grand!

I have been working slowly on getting my VA Project Hopeful Blog together. I hope to share it with you soon! SO excited about the work being done and coming together. There are truly a wonderful group of on FIRE women working together to get these kids homes and love.

And speaking of which ...please pray for 3 in particular. God knows who they are... and how much my heart hurts for them... not more than His though. My heart has been so longing to get this next adoption started... I cannot WAIT until January!

Praying you all have a wonderful productive...or just plain blessed weekend.


Adeye said...

Wait...did I miss something???? Or am I just confused? Are YOU adopting again?


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your downtime!!!!

Unknown said...

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Tarah said...

So amazing how a quiet weekend is a treat. :) I am busy all the time and am learning to be still, to be quiet, to sit and listen. Hope you enjoyed it!