Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday... lesson Saturday

Today has been a looooooong day. :o)

Today was one of those days of lesson's and a slip up or

Had to be up so very early this morning to get started on our last fundraiser of the year for our ET trip! It dawned beautiful and sunny.....and COLD AND WINDY! It was 46 degrees and the wind was kickin! Didn't dampen our spirits or stop people from coming to the sale.

We had a lot of stuff, but I wouldn't say it was more than any other yard sale really. We were in a great spot though. I forgot my camera...duh...but a team member took some pics and will post them to the Mission Blog when he does I will share the link.

Our team is one funny bunch, let me tell you. Wait till you see the pics, you will see what I mean. :o) Good stuff.

So we advertised the sale as a Name Your Own Price Yard sale. It was a true leap of faith, and in some cases hard to swallow. Honestly it was a test of our faith that God would and could provide. I tried not to pay attention to what people paid for stuff, and tried not to worry when it was for less that I thought.

One slip up came when a lady brought me a dollar for an item that would have sold for at least 25.00 elsewhere. I looked at her and said "A dollar?" I knew when it came out that I should have just kept it closed, but she then took out a wad of 5's and 10's and gave me a 5 instead. Then said she was going to buy it for what she would have sold it for..... "um yeah sure lady" ok, yes I will be praying for forgiveness over that thought. No I didn't actually say that part to People got really great deals. Some better than others.

Most people were great and supportive and probably paid more than they would have any where else.

Another lesson was the guy that pulled up and looked like he was in a gang, actually kind of scary looking. As I was watching him I thought to myself this is going to be a guy that's going to surprise me....just because of my very first impression. He did. In a good way. He gave us a 20 for something way not worth 20.00. :o)

We ended up with just over 600.00 for the day. We needed about 1500.00. I still want to tell the church we don't need their last 1500.00 they have pledged. I am praying for God to be glorified in whatever comes our way. I know He's got our team and this mission in His hands!

After the sale I came home and took a nap with the boys while attempting to thaw out some.

Tonight was the youth talent show and silent auction at the church. That was great fun. Good food, good company, some amazing talent and a good cause. The senior high youth are going to the Dominican Republic this summer on a mission trip. S will be going. She is so excited!

We bid on a couple of things, but only won one of them. It was 6 sessions with a personal trainer! YAY! :o) For 11.00! YAY me! :o)

God has used today to show me once again how to trust him. How not to judge a book by it's cover, and that He's put together a great team of great people. Looking forward to our trip in 28 days!!!


Adeye said...

Hey, $600 was more than you had before the day began!!! That is great news.

Love that you won the personal go girl!!!!!

Holli said...

sounds like a pretty good day!!! and some good lessons!
Praying for your trip!!!
Where are you all staying?

Anonymous said...


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