Friday, March 12, 2010

God's Timing

God's Timing is one of those phrases that just sort of sits out there and doesn't really say much...yet says it all.

It's either said by people waiting for something ....or people that have waited through it and can look back at how He orchestrated things.

I personally prefer to be the person that is looking back at what He's done instead of the one waiting.

Any one else feel that way?

I have seen at least a million (ok maybe an exaggeration) maybe a thousand times ... the way God has planned things and orchestrated the perfect plan.

If we had been able to adopt when we first wanted to way back in 2005 we would not have N.
If we had moved forward with the children we initially thought were ours we would not have E.
If we had not moved to the church we are in, when we did, I would not be leaving in less than a month for this mission team.
If I hadn't been talking to one of the members of the team on just the night that another dropped off he would not be on the team.
If I had not been in that bar 17 yrs ago on just that night I would not be married to the best man ever. (ok so being in the bar wasn't so great...but it sure ended up great!)

This blog isn't long enough to share all the ways I have seen Him work things out in His time.

Some of them I still don't understand.

And I still completely stink at waiting.... I guess you could just call me an Israelite...wandering in the desert. Seeing how God works...and still wanting more. Oh me of little faith. :o)


Holli said...

HI I AM ISRAELITE #2!!! Or #1!! I WANT TO BE OUT OF THE DESERT! Thanks for this great post and reminder of looking back and seeing all the red seas parted and Egypts God has brought me through to get me to this place!

Lisa Smith said...

waiting stinks! it's hard. it can be lonely. it's not seeing the complete view and hey, we like a good view, right?
but, the desert is okay. i've learned to be content in the desert because i can hear His voice in the waiting and i am growing to like that. it helps trump the waiting!!
praying for your team!!