Sunday, February 28, 2010

Confessions...and a goal

So I have a confession... my will power SUCKS. Literally. It just does. There I said it. My name is Andrea and I have no will power. Or as someone said the other day... I have no "won't power".

I love food. Cookies and sweets are my down fall. Chocolate calls my name from the closet. And Tagalong Girl Scout cookies.....those are the devil's food!

I have said before, I have even said here, that I was going to make a change. "THIS was going to be the time" and I was going to make changes to my life and get healthy. Well those cookies, and chocolate, and junk called me louder than my treadmill.

I tried, oh did I try, but each and every time I would have a bad food day and just give up. Too much work to eat good and exercise every day. What was the use? I have Hypothyroidism it's hard to lose weight, so why even try? Excuses. Excuses.

This year at our Ash Wednesday service I found myself at the altar praying for God's wisdom, His discernment on what I needed to change about my life during this time, to honor Him. I felt him telling me that I needed to give up this fight I have with food. The idol I have made of food has replaced Him. ouch!

I found that every time in the past, that I tried to change, it was under my own will. So this time, I have committed myself to God. I have turned it all over to Him. I have asked Him to help me daily... hourly...even by the minute to take this part of my life over and make it His.

I found a book in my personal library called 'Scale Down'. Christ based healthy life style. I have read the whole thing in 2 One of the principles I loved from the book was that no food is off limits. You can eat anything you want, when you want it. The trick is control. It's best to get a handle on your eating habits for a while with the help of the Lord, but even then if that Tagalong is calling your name eat it. Just one. Then move on ;o)

I have gone to scripture and written out those that I felt I could use when I needed to call on Him.

I am putting together an action plan, and scripture plan. I figure if nothing else, I will have an amazing walk with God ...and in the process break through this stronghold.

So my goal that I have prayed over and is do-able... is 40 lbs gone by the time I am 40 yrs old which is Aug 30th. That's 1.5 lbs a week to lose. That's a goal I can achieve.... ok I can't achieve it. But with God's help... WE can.

So 40 by 40 is my new project.

I will be eating better, making better choices, learning to love me again, and getting into better relationship with God. How does one not win in that situation?!

Pray for me? :o)

This is going to be Better Than Good!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hang in there- me too!!! I have read the Weigh Down book- same philosophy. Great ideas, and Christian based too :)

I am in the same boat, and not giving up either!!!

Adeye said...

You ABSOLUTELY can do this!!!!! Yes you can! How wonderful that you have set yourself a goal--and are working toward it.

Keep us posted on your progress--can't wait to hear how the pounds are coming off.

Good for you, dear friend!!!! I admire your determination.

susieloulou said...

Oh, good for you! I know the lady who wrote Scale Down, Danna, right? She is a sweet sister - glad her book is helping!

Tarah said...

40 by 40... holy moly! What a fantastic goal.