Friday, February 26, 2010

Faithful Friday...

How is it Friday again?!


It's been one of those weeks. Not terrible...just FULL.

Wednesday I took E to the surgical people about his g-tube site again. Looks like we have a couple more weeks with powder and cream. His gastric tissue is coming up through the hole, and only time and powder will get the hole to close back up. Gross huh? Honestly, if you had said that I would be so nonchalant about gastric tissue and g-tubes 2 yrs ago, I would have thought you had lost a marble or 2. Gastric tissue isn't a minor matter, but I know how to deal and what to do with it now. :o) Crazy man!

We also had E evaluated by the school system for speech. We found out he's eligible for services on Thursday so he will start in the middle of March. I am so glad they will be able to work with him. I know he has some frustration in not being able to articulate the way he wants to. There's alot that goes on in his head, and I know it will be helpful to be able to get some of it out. :o) The great thing is that it's done through the city, so for right now it's free. (The general assembly is meeting now and is refusing to levy taxes so are cutting a TON of programs...sad stuff really!!)

I did tempt fate.... N came home on red today. At least this time he waited 2 more days. :o) We had 9 whole days of GREEN! We are still taking him for his requested Chinese food.

We found out this morning that S's tutoring in Algebra II/Trig is working and she has an A! :o)

We are having to take our German Shepherd mix to the vet today. Found some concerning areas on his body that we are having to get checked out. I am praying hard not to waste time worrying... not doing a great job.

Getting excited about our Ethiopia trip, new things keep falling into place. YAY! I think there is a little part of me that's almost sad that it's almost here. I know it sounds CRAZY. But I have been working on this for a year now. What will I do with myself when it's over? And oh goodness I am so going to miss my family! That's the longest we will ever have been apart. It's freaking me out just a little bit. :o)

I guess I do have something to do with myself afterwards, it will just be a shift in focus. I am still the vice chair of the Mission Committee and we do some really great stuff in our church! :o) I look forward to being able to get more involved with those.

Speaking of which, the youth will be going to the Dominican Republic this summer and S is planning on going. How great is that?! :o)

I pray you all have a Better Than Good weekend. We will be enjoying some Ethiopian Food and D and I will be going on a date! :o)


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Have fun on your date!!

Our journey following Christ said...

Yeah, it is amazing the places God takes you (and where He takes you FROM) when you listen to Him and follow His will for your life.

You end up doing things you wouldn't have imagined doing!

Keep up the good work. You are a God honoring mama!



Andrea H. said...

So happy for you that your ET trip is almost here.. And yes, you being one of the leaders and having put your heart and soul into it, trust me when you return you will feel like you lost a baby. So happy you and D can have a date!!!