Friday, February 3, 2012


So excited to say that we are finally moving in the right direction! :) So excited!!!

The mountain we needed to move was moved. God is so very good!! And He's contining to make things happen.

On the home front there's exciting things happening as well. The boys got their report cards yesterday and N got is first EVER O for Outstanding in Work Habits!! :) And E is now above grade level in subjects that just weren't clicking for him before!! How very cool is that?!

S has been promoted in her her job which means a raise and more hours which is awesome considering the fact that she now has a car payment. The joys of adulthood huh? We are picking out prom dresses and planning graduation.

Fundraising for my trip to ET in March with Because Every Mother Matters AND too see the boys.

Here is a sample of one of the newest creations:

It's 18"H x 17"W each are had distressed and stained so no 2 are exactly the same. The proceeds go towards my trip. 45.00 plus shipping any where in the US. Let me know if you want one... they go pretty quickly! :) LOVE IT!!

Thanks for your prayers and your support!

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